According to foreign media reports, when it comes to the way robots move, wheels perform better in some ways and legs may perform better in others. Now, scientists are working on a robot that will combine the advantages of the two. The device, known as the wheel and leg transformable robot, was developed by a team from Texas A & M University. < / P > < p > when crossing relatively flat terrain, the four-wheel rubber wheel of the robot can roll quickly and effectively. However, when it encounters obstacles such as stairs, rocks or the ruins of a disaster site, the transmission system at the center of four wheels will open it into a three claw shape to grasp the uneven terrain and cross it. < / P > < p > it is understood that the researchers plan to build the α – wartr into a robot that can operate autonomously and automatically switch between wheeled and legged robots based on in-vehicle sensors and imaging systems. Although it was developed for DARPA, it is not necessarily limited to military use. “While the current focus is on defense and other military applications, these types of adaptive mobile robots can be applied to many other areas, such as space, home services, surveillance, and agriculture,” said kiju Lee, an associate professor at Texas A & M University, who led the project. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities