In Taobao “1 yuan more fragrant Festival” order users continue to receive goods. User Peng Han bought an electric toothbrush. “It must have been worth it. It was a great success.” He affirmed the price advantage of sina technology, but also said that he would not brush his teeth with it: “there is still a little worry about safety.” “1 yuan package mail” is regarded as Taobao special edition to pinduoduo launched a fierce attack, in addition to online competition, it is reported that Taobao special edition plans to open at least 1000 “1 yuan stores” nationwide within three years. However, Sina Technology inquired about Taobao special edition in this regard, which was not confirmed by the latter. What’s interesting is that Taobao’s series of measures coincide with pinduoduo’s five-year anniversary celebration. In July this year, pinduoduo launched its first “Zhenxiang Festival”. When “Zhenxiang” was put on the “gengxiang” bar, it could not help adding a trace of gunpowder. In this regard, Wang Hai, vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of Taobao c2m business unit, called “think more”. He said that since June, Taobao’s special price edition has launched a “one yuan free mail” activity, which is very popular with factories in the industrial belt. Now it only provides a window in this form to make its products reach consumers quickly. < / P > < p > in other words, “1 yuan package mail” is equivalent to a kind of marketing means. After all, “1 yuan you can’t buy a loss, 1 yuan you can’t be fooled” used to be a “magic sound” in the hearts of a generation, which made consumers linger in the past, and today it is also OK. Taobao special edition not only focuses on the sinking market which still has a huge space, but also focuses on the transformation of manufacturing industry based on the industrial belt. < p > has been surrounded by “Taobao” and “Hongbao”. So “1 yuan package mail” Taobao special edition really “more fragrant”? < p > < p > when Sina technology used the Taobao special edition app, it was found that the “1 yuan package mail” in the “1 yuan more fragrant Festival” was only limited to “1 yuan per day”. The commodity categories were basically standard products for daily use, such as patch boards, garbage bags, soap, laundry liquid, etc., and the quantity was limited to 50000 pieces. The purchase time nodes of commodities were fixed at 10:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m., both time and limited. In addition, each user has only one “1 yuan per day” seckill qualification every week, and one seckill qualification can only buy one yuan product. If you want to buy again, you need to share and invite friends to help. < / P > < p > although there is a certain threshold for purchase, the products participating in the “1 yuan package” include both selected kiwi fruit and large cylinder coreless roll paper, which is like “losing money and earning money”. < / P > < p > “I just wanted to rush to buy a” 1 yuan free mail “item, but I ended up placing an order for several kinds.” User Zhang Qun told Sina technology that she learned about the activities of Taobao special edition from friends. Before that, she was not even a user of Taobao special price version. “It’s only 1 yuan anyway. You can buy anything.” However, to Zhang Qun’s surprise, she found that many commodities were not within the scope of “1 yuan package mail” after clicking the cross cutting “1 yuan more fragrant Festival” on the home page of Taobao special edition, but she always felt that “it’s all here, and it’s too bad not to buy them”. < / P > < p > for Taobao special price edition, “1 yuan package mail” is a powerful marketing method, which can attract users to produce more consumption behaviors on the premise of understanding their consumption psychology. < / P > < p > many businesses told sina science and technology that participating in “1 yuan package mail” is equivalent to losing money to offset sales. One of the merchants mentioned that he only chose one product to participate in the activity, because “to lose more than 100000 yuan in vain, I can’t afford to lose”. Another business has opened stores in tmall and Taobao special edition. The purpose of entering Taobao’s special edition is to attract users who have not been covered before, hoping to establish a brand through “1 yuan package mail”. “The figure is Taobao special edition to the flow.” In the view of Liang Shengliang, general manager of Taobao’s special edition operation, businesses may lose money at the beginning of “1 yuan package mail”, but they must make money in the long run. He believes that users will bring a large number of high repurchase scenarios for businesses to help them realize the re purchase of commodities. In addition, Taobao’s special edition also plans to launch more abundant interactive games to create diversified consumption scenarios for commodities. “Maybe in the future, users will not buy because they have a demand, but because they will be very interesting and interesting.” < p > < p > Sina technology purchased a “1-piece package” warm baby on October 10, and received the product on October 16. During the period, for sina science and technology “when the goods will be delivered”, the reply of the merchants is “please wait patiently, the limited time rush purchase activity has a large quantity, is in the process of packing quickly, and will arrange the delivery as soon as possible”. In the arrival of a large number of orders, Taobao special version of the business logistics is still to be strengthened. However, Cui Lili, executive director of the E-commerce Research Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, said in an interview with sina science and technology that, generally speaking, users of low-cost products have relatively low requirements for logistics and after-sales. That is to say, the price is the most important factor to decide their choice. < / P > < p > opening Taobao special edition and pinduoduo app is the same dazzling. From the top to the bottom, the division of each section is similar. In addition to some functional attributes, they may be the focus of their respective promotions – the former is “1 yuan package mail”, the latter is “10 billion yuan subsidy”. < / P > < p > on March 26 this year, Taobao’s special edition was officially launched. If juhuasuan enters the market with a subsidy of 10 billion yuan, it is based on supporting new and cutting-edge brands. Taobao’s special price version has been based on the upstream of the supply chain from the beginning, facing “white brand” factories, focusing on c2m mode and emphasizing cost performance. The “white brand” commodities are actually the main commodity categories in the process of pinduoduo’s rise. From agricultural products to general merchandise, most of them can be classified as “white brand”. < / P > < p > when Taobao’s special price version goes online, the meaning of benchmarking seems to be more obvious. Compared with the defensive follow-up of “10 billion subsidy”, then “1 yuan package mail” is more like an offensive design. Aiming at sinking the market, it is likely to cut a piece of cake with more weight. < / P > < p > an e-commerce practitioner analyzed to sina science and technology that “1 yuan package mail” is actually a fission of innovation, and the subsidy input of Taobao special price version may be lower than the original cost. And for businesses, after the sales increase, it will help them get lower delivery price, so as to reduce the logistics cost of the whole store. On the other hand, small and medium-sized factories in the state of “Involution” can also maintain operation and make effective use of idle capacity. < / P > < p > in particular, some users reported to sina science and technology that the pictures on the product details page of Taobao special price version are not supported to be saved, and the product title cannot be copied. “This is very strange. If it is not the issue of publishing, it should be that some modifications have been made to the characteristics of different mobile phone models to prevent users from going to other platforms to search and compare prices, such as pinduoduo.” The person added. < / P > < p > in terms of inviting friends to help them get the qualification of second killing again, or inviting new users to return orders in full, Taobao’s special price edition is fighting pinduoduo in the way of pinduoduo. Cui Lili pointed out that Taobao’s special price version of “1 yuan package mail” is an action to compete with pinduoduo and famous and innovative high-quality products for the market. The main purpose is to seize users and disturb each other’s battlefield. However, she is more inclined to Taobao special edition in borrowing “1 yuan package mail” to find out the user demand, and lay the foundation for creating popular products in c2m mode. “At present, it is not a threat, but pinduoduo will certainly be vigilant, and it is estimated that it will continue to track and observe. Of course, if the Taobao special price version of “1 yuan package” does not live up to its name, users may not pay for it. ” < / P > < p > although the loyalty of price sensitive users is difficult to obtain, the sinking market is still broad. According to the 46th statistical report on the development of China’s Internet released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 2020, the number of online retail users in China has reached 749 million, accounting for 79.7% of the total Internet users. There are still more than 200 million Internet users yet to be reached by e-commerce, and there are a large number of non internet users besides these groups. < / P > < p > as for the “1 yuan store” which is attacked by dimension reduction, it is regarded as a part of the “factory goods window plan” jointly created by Taobao special price version and industry belt merchants. Cui Lili believes that if Taobao’s off-line store planning is true, it is equivalent to snatching the business of famous and innovative products. This is not only a part of Alibaba’s new retail offline layout, but also to expand the market map. Ye Guofu, founder of mingchuangyupin, called out on the day of listing: “welcome Alibaba to enter the high bidding competition. We are very curious about what Alibaba’s” 1 yuan store “is going to do? I hope it will open early, and we will study hard to see what good things can be made with one dollar. ” However, in addition to the online and offline actions of Taobao special price edition, we should pay more attention to the changes that c2m model may bring to the supply chain and manufacturing industry. < p > < p > Dai Shan, President of Alibaba B2B business group, mentioned that the launch of Taobao special price edition is a strategic choice made by Alibaba in the uncertain macro environment based on the background of high-quality growth and cross track development, with consumers at one end and factories at the other. < / P > < p > in the past, there were cumbersome intermediate links between consumers and factories, such as graded wholesalers and graded agents. C2m mode can not only promote the direct connection between the supply and demand sides, reduce the intermediate links, but also timely feed back the needs of consumers on the basis of the full digital link, so that the factory can make strategic adjustments. Long Hao, a factory of Zexi daily necessities factory in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, mentioned that it took one or two months to complete the product from R & D to landing, and it took three or four months for the product to be completed slowly. This is just the beginning. Next, it still takes a lot of time in marketing and promotion. Sometimes, the product has already passed the ground, and the production cycle is very painful. “After cooperating with Taobao special edition, this problem has been solved. Relying on their data support, we can find out the existing and potential needs of consumers, and then the factory can produce.” On this basis, different batch production lines can be quickly switched, and customization is possible. Cui told Sina technology that Taobao’s special price version should be able to use this move to promote a large number of manufacturing factories to shift to flexible production. If the products sold belong to the concept of “de Stocking” in the sinking market, it will speed up the enterprise’s painful separation and rapid transformation. From the general law of e-commerce, the innovation of new market and new platform will produce certain effect. Whether the businesses follow depends on their own consideration. In Wang Hai’s view, traditional manufacturing is like fighting in ancient times. Generals need to rely on their own overall judgment to deploy troops. However, c2m is just like relying on radar system and satellite system to make operational strategy after observing the war situation clearly. The two are quite different. C2m means the change of production mode and sales mode, which is the real cost reduction and efficiency improvement. < / P > < p > If Taobao special edition is the link between factories and consumers, then the demand generated by downstream consumers provides the export of capacity consumption for the upstream supply chain. Perhaps, this is not just the machine of “white brand” factories