According to a survey of 9000 young men and women aged 10 to 29, 12% of them can be called “serious game addicts” with more than six hours a day, Japanese media reported. Jiulibang medical center in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is an official medical center designated by the Ministry of health, health and labor for the treatment of game addiction. Before that, 9000 young men and women aged 10-29 years were randomly selected for an interview. The topic was how many hours of games they played a day. < p > < p > · the results showed that 85% of the respondents said they had played games in the past year, of which 80% mainly used mobile phones. 40.1% of the players spent less than one hour playing games, and 25% of them took holidays. The overall proportion was the highest, while 12% of the respondents thought that the standard holiday for “game addicts” was more than 6 hours a day. Experts say that 40.5% of the players who indulge in games for more than six hours a day on holidays report physical discomfort such as low back pain or headache, and 37.2% cause psychological diseases such as sleep disorders or depression, according to experts. Although people from all walks of life believe that the proportion of game addicts is not low, this survey is the first time Numerical display. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone