The 120Hz high brush is a symbol of the flagship aircraft in 2020. Many domestic flagship have installed the 120Hz AMOLED screen at any cost, and almost have 90hz high brush. However, the iPhone 12 is still 60Hz this year, not to mention 120Hz high brush, and 90hz is not. Android went on, but the iPhone didn’t go on. As a result, no one scolded the iPhone 12. Everyone bought and bought the iPhone 12 as usual. These days, it’s hard to get an iPhone 12, and the expected breakout price didn’t show up. < / P > < p > if this is the opposite, the iPhone 12 has a high brush speed of 120Hz, and the domestic android still insists on 60Hz, then it is estimated that the comments will change the wind direction and the domestic aircraft will be sprayed to death. Wang Zijian, a well-known talk show actor, couldn’t even watch such a thing. The comment said – seriously, if the iPhone is 120Hz, and CNKI insists on 60Hz. I can’t imagine or imagine the situation on microblog. < / P > < p > in addition, although Wang Zijian is in the entertainment industry, he has always been a mobile phone enthusiast. In those years, he almost wanted to make his own mobile phone. He really understood this point. Mobile phone users make complaints about

and make complaints about iPhone and domestic mobile phones. They do not send chargers, not fast charging, etc. it seems that we have a clear understanding of apple and fruit powder. < / P > < p > in other words, I really think about the issue of high brush on the iPhone. With the screen and 5g upgraded this year, the iPhone 12’s battery life is about to decline. If it really needs to be flashed at 120Hz, it’s estimated that the service life will be lost. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia