Speaking of electronic ink screen equipment, we have to mention the aragonite Boox. It constantly seeks the best balance between the long endurance of e-paper equipment, eye protection features and the full function of Android Tablet. This month, aragonite launched a number of new products, of which the most noteworthy is undoubtedly the 13.3-inch super large screen flagship with backlight, Boox Max Lumi. A little earlier, we got the development version of this device and had a long trial run. Let’s talk about the feeling after the trial. < / P > < p > as early as the last conference of aragonite, the super large screen “smart ink tablet” box max3 left a deep impression. This time, the Boox Max Lumi is more mature, and has a great improvement in overall configuration and function compared with the previous generation. < / P > < p > the large 13.3-inch screen and a narrow visual border create the elegant look of the Boox Max Lumi. Its outer size is equivalent to a transparent folder that can hold A4 paper, the weight is equivalent to a 180 page news magazine, and the thickness is 7.9MM. If you hold it with one hand for a long time, you may feel a little heavy, but if you hold it with both hands, it will be very relaxed. < p > < p > Boox Max Lumi adopts the unified design language of this year’s new aragonite series, with 1cm black edges on each side, and an additional 1.5cm frame below for the entity keys with fingerprint identification function. This width is narrow enough and easy to hold. < p > < p > below the body is a usb-c interface (can be used as OTG external mouse, USB flash disk and other peripheral devices), and a micro HDMI interface (can be input or output). At the bottom of the back of the body are two symmetrical loudspeakers. There are no buttons on the left and right sides, and there is only one power key on the top. The touch of the physical button is also good, and there is no need to press it. < / P > < p > Wenshi officials also believe that the workmanship of Boox Max Lumi is very fine and has achieved a new breakthrough in the industry. I believe that users who actually touch it can feel it. < p > < p > Boox Max Lumi adopts the optimized Android 10.0 system, which is a complete version without any lock function. This also means that any APK can be installed, including Angora rabbit. So we can detect that this device is equipped with the high pass snapdragon 636. This 8-core 64 bit processor was first launched by Hongmi note 5 in mid-2018. < / P > < p > when the lightweight e-paper tablet is equipped with the CPU only available in the mid-range flagship mobile phones in recent years, it is obviously already fully competent for most demand scenarios, and it also brings people great surprise. After running for half an hour, the CPU temperature is 42.4 ° C, and it is not hot to hold. The version we got is 4GB of memory and 64 GB of storage space, with a maximum of 512gb TF card. < / P > < p > the machine supports 2.4G and 5g dual-mode WiFi and Bluetooth connection. The battery is 4300mah, and the usb-c cable is used for charging. In order to save power, it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of standby. At this time, you need to press the power button to turn it back on again. The cold start time is only about 20 seconds. < / P > < p > even if it is set to not turn off automatically, it can save power in daily use scenarios such as reading and notes, and even playing video will not power down too much. Its charging speed is also very fast. It can charge about 10% in ten minutes. When charged to 90%, it reduces the current rate, known as trickle charging, to extend battery life. The screen of Boox Max Lumi is 13.33 inch ink screen with 1650 x 2200 resolution and 207 PPI pixel density. Reading eye protection needs sufficient lighting. This equipment provides us with warm and cold dual color temperature front light. You can adjust the color temperature and light brightness through the two sliding bars in the notice bar to provide you with sufficient auxiliary lighting. < / P > < p > just like the previous model, the screen has four different refresh modes, from slow to fast. The fastest mode is the so-called x mode, which has stronger graininess of pixels. However, it can achieve a “quasi” real-time refresh with minimal dragging phenomenon. It will be automatically turned on when the external display is connected. Remember to manually switch to this mode when playing video with browser or third-party app. < / P > < p > comes with a micro HDMI interface, which enables it to be connected to the computer as a monitor. After you click the “monitor” icon to enter the connection mode, remember to read the instructions on the screen and use the appropriate resolution for the secondary screen (1440 x 1050, please enlarge to 150% for windows 10). In addition, when the display mode is adopted, the audio from the signal source cannot be played on the flat panel. As a computer sub screen, the mouse still has some delay, so we need to adjust measures to local conditions to see how to use it. We recommend two ways: one is to put wechat on this screen – so that you can watch the latest chat window in real time without being afraid of the flash of the taskbar interfering with your work; the other is to open the slow live broadcast of apps such as central video, so that it can display the scenery of the day and watch the time elapse. This kind of thing if put on the ordinary monitor is very expensive, also unnecessary, but if put on the electronic paper is very comfortable. After finishing the hardware configuration, let’s take a look at the software. The whole series of Boox devices adopt the customized operating system based on Android. Boox Max Lumi adopts a very new Android 10. It is important to know that the official version of Android 11 is not available until September 8. With the subsequent push of firmware updates, it can also get the latest features at any time. < / P > < p > users who have been exposed to previous Boox products should not be unfamiliar with its interface. Aragonite customization system will stack, bookstore, notes, third-party applications, system settings, etc., in the form of sidebar, clear and intuitive. < / P > < p > the bookstore on this device is Jingdong. You can scan the code of wechat or Jingdong app to log in and synchronize the purchased books. E-books downloaded from the library will be opened through the built-in reader of the system to provide a consistent reading experience. You can also use other clients such as Kindle, wechat reading, reading more and so on. < p > < p > the e-book reading interface developed by Wenshi supports more than 20 common e-book formats on the market. Almost any e-book, paper, cartoon, etc. you get from any channel can be correctly identified. < / P > < p > when reading a paper, you can use the paper mode to enlarge the details of this page. You can also crop the normal PDF to the edge and display only the core text and text part. After selecting a paragraph, you can take notes, use Baidu or Bing engine for instant translation, and use built-in Baidu and Google’s voice engine to read aloud. However, when trying out the function of reading aloud, it seems that it can’t handle the mixed situation of Chinese and English, and it needs to switch the engine language manually; for pure Chinese novels and documents, the reading effect is OK. < / P > < p > compared with the reading process of wechat reading, Kindle and other heavy social sharing, Boox’s built-in reader provides a convenient and ready to start note taking function, fully assisting your private reading experience. < / P > < p > next, we will introduce its synchronization mode, that is, the process of copying local books to the device. Originally thought that the device can be directly identified as a USB flash drive for transmission, but perhaps for security reasons, win10 system did not recognize it after choosing USB transmission mode. However, you can still choose to recognize it as a camera, so you can send the screenshots and saved notes back to your computer. < / P > < p > so what if it can’t use USB flash drive to transfer books? In fact, there is a more convenient and fast way, that is, through WiFi LAN transmission. According to the prompt, input the LAN address in the computer browser, the transmission speed is quite ideal. You can also push all kinds of resources including e-books, APK, etc. remotely on the official website or mobile phone client, and then synchronize the devices after networking.

Boox provides a web version push tool, which also supports any longer text and page transcoding to the device for later reading, which includes WeChat official account. However, when used in practice, it is found that for some complex official account articles, this push function may lose part of the text and paragraphs, and compatibility needs to be improved.

suggests that the official account can output PDF instead of EPUB to retain its original layout. In addition, the ink screen version of wechat reading can also synchronize the “have a look” articles you have ordered on your wechat. < / P > < p > as for other files in the internal storage of the device, they can be extracted through a third-party app such as ES file manager, and then exported to the network disk. Finally As a full-featured ink screen tablet, it certainly supports installing wechat or QQ, so that the operation of transferring files will be more familiar. < p > < p > the application function of Boox system is very comprehensive. Its 4096 pressure sensitive touch pen can simulate different types of strokes such as pen, pencil and marker. The system also supports handwriting recording first, and then one key to recognize handwritten content into searchable and reproducible characters. < / P > < p > during the reading process, you can open the left and right double screen note taking interface at any time, and the wonderful contents you can see on the left page can be directly recorded in the right half. These records can be synchronized to Wenshi’s own cloud account system, as well as four mainstream cloud platforms: Youdao cloud notes, impression notes / Evernote, OneNote and Dropbox. < / P > < p > for any app not available in the app store provided by the system, you can install app store, pea pod and other third-party stores first, and then look for installation. You can download it from the official website of app with the browser of the system, or download the APK package on the computer and then transfer it to the tablet. < / P > < p > only a small number of apps on the market have optimized the ink screen. They can be found in the app store of Boox. But for other apps, the Boox operating system has also made special settings for the ink screen. Even with the same installation package as the mobile phone, the display effect of these applications on the ink screen will be slightly different. Specifically, when the contrast of a certain text is low, for example, some links of Zhihu app are displayed in light blue on a white background. At this time, the system will add black edges to these words to make them clearer and easier to distinguish. After the floating ball on the screen is opened, you can find the function of adjusting the current app display mode. < / P > < p > the system has prepared a “double screen mode” for those apps that will not be easy to manipulate after stretching. That is, the screen is rotated horizontally and evenly divided into left and right halves. A vertical screen app can be placed on the left and right sides of the screen. This year can be said to be a year when the concept of folding screen is popular. Many manufacturers have popularized the concept of Android dual screen application. Of course, more and more manufacturers will optimize the dual screen scene. < / P > < p > the e-ink screen has emerged with the selling point of “eye protection”, but now it is more like a special tool for subdividing purposes. More often than not, we limit the responsibilities of reading and taking notes for e-paper equipment. However, Wenshi hopes to go further. On this basis, it hopes to add other functions that people have always wanted to become a full-featured tablet, even playing video and as an external display