Recently, the storage service provider backblaze released the latest hard disk statistics report as of September 30. In the third quarter, BB had 153727 mechanical hard disks, of which 2780 were startup disks and 150947 were data warehouse disks. Excluding the hard disks that run for less than 60 days, the statistical table covers a total of 150757 pieces. Among them, hgst has been in service for the longest time, with 274923 driving days and 3023 pieces in total. The highest annual failure rate of Seagate 4tb (st4000dm000) is 1.44%, of course, the number of them is 19024. In the current quarter, the annual total failure rate of hard disk was 0.89%, slightly higher than 0.81% in the previous quarter, but lower than 2.07% in the same period last year. The total annual failure rate of mechanical hard disk has dropped to a historical low of 1.58% since 2013, which indicates that the reliability is constantly improving. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park