Porsche has developed its own mobile monster battery pack that can charge up to 10 cars at the same time, making it easier for drivers to drive the taycan electric supercar on special track days. The taycan was launched in September last year, and a month later, the four door electric car sped through the Nurburgring circuit at 7:42. Other models have since been released, and the all electric supercar is now part of the company’s track experience campaign. < / P > < p > but Porsche said that the local infrastructure for this race day was not always able to charge multiple taycas at the same time, so it came up with its own solution. In cooperation with ads Tec in Germany, the company has developed a fleet of seven mobile charging vehicles with a proprietary charging system and buffer storage unit. < / P > < p > according to Porsche, the trucks have now been used in many events across Europe and have been charged for about 5000 times, sometimes at extreme temperatures, as low as – 40 degrees, so their performance has been tested. Each trailer has a battery storage capacity of 2.1 MWh and an output rating of about 3.2 MW. Ten taycans can be charged in series at the same time. Before some charging attention is needed, the power of the trailer is enough for a total of 30 times of charging. The trailer is generally charged with renewable power from the grid. < / P > < p > in November 2019, such as a three week event in portimond, Portugal, these trailers extract the required power directly from the nearby photovoltaic system. Under favorable conditions, a trailer can be fully charged and ready to charge the taycan electric supercar in just four hours, according to Porsche. Global Tech