At the just opened 2020 Beijing auto show, Honda China released the first Honda brand pure electric concept car that will be launched in the Chinese market in the future. The name of this concept car is: honda SUV e: concept (hereinafter referred to as SUV e concept car). “The pure electric vehicle developed based on Honda SUV e: concept will achieve mass production as soon as possible,” said yoshihi Inoue, executive director of Honda and China’s chief minister < p > < p > SUV e concept car is an SUV model. The new model is very simple and dynamic. Its overall design is completely different from that of Honda e, which was listed overseas before. The design style full of rigid and straight lines makes the new car look particularly fierce. In addition, the car also uses a closed front face design, plus LED lights throughout the front of the car and luminous logo, making this concept car quite sci-fi. < / P > < p > the new car takes “touch the future” as the design concept, and uses the design language full of future sense and technology sense to show the research and development direction of Honda’s first pure electric vehicle. Its appearance and interior decoration are led by Honda China’s designer team. The car will also be equipped with the next generation of “Honda connect” intelligent guidance and interconnection system, intelligent AI assistant, more comprehensive interconnection, OTA online upgrade and other functions, so as to create a more comfortable and fun travel experience for customers. < / P > < p > in addition, Honda also brought us new CR-V sport hybride + plug-in hybrid model and m-nv small pure electric SUV. (article / Ding Bojun, automobile house) < A= target=_ blank>Global Tech