Developed and designed by China Shipbuilding and ocean engineering design and Research Institute (Maric) of China shipbuilding group, the first production ship of 23000 dual fuel ultra large container ships built by Hudong Zhonghua (shipbuilding) Co., Ltd. for Dafei group, the first ship, Dafei Jacques Sade, was successfully named and delivered at Shanghai Changxing Island shipbuilding base. < / P > < p > it is a veritable “giant” on the sea, which is more than 60 meters longer than the world’s largest aircraft carrier and can carry 220000 tons of cargo. It also uses the world’s largest dual fuel power engine independently developed and manufactured by China, with liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the main fuel, which is the first in the world. Behind this, we can not do without the “technical research” of the design team and the shipyard. The world’s first 23000 container dual fuel power container ship has a total length of 399.9 meters, a hull width of 61.3 meters and a cargo hold depth of 33.5 meters. Its length is more than 60 meters longer than the world’s largest aircraft carrier; the deck area is 23978 square meters, equivalent to 3.5 standard football fields. < / P > < p > the ship can hold 23000 TEUs at a time and can carry 220000 tons of cargo. In order to meet the huge amount of containers, the cargo binding system of the ship is optimized in the early stage, and the advanced binding bridge form in the field of container ship is finally applied. The number of storehouse plus deck stacking container is 24, which is equivalent to the height of 22 storey building. < / P > < p > the main engine, the core equipment of 23000 container series container ships, adopts the engine developed by wingd company, which is wholly owned by China shipbuilding group. It is equipped with the wingd low-speed dual fuel engine w12x92df, which has the largest installed power in the world. It can use both gas and fuel, and can rely on natural gas to provide power for both offshore and offshore navigation. For a long time, container ships have been the main source of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping industry. Clarksons, a well-known shipping Consultancy According to a report released by research in November last year, among various types of shipping vessels, the carbon emissions of container ships are 182 million tons per year, accounting for 22% of the total shipping carbon emissions; the carbon emissions of bulk carriers are 158 million tons, accounting for 19% of the total; and the carbon emissions of oil tankers are 114 million tons, accounting for 14% of the total. < / P > < p > in order to meet the dual fuel power requirements, “dafiyak Sade” specially installed a 18600 cubic meter Mark III membrane fuel tank to carry LNG (liquefied natural gas) and provide “green power” for the ship. Compared with the same type of oil container ship, the carbon dioxide emission of this ship is reduced by about 20%, nitrogen oxide emission is reduced by nearly 85%, and particulate matter and sulfur oxide emission are reduced by 99%. Due to the membrane fuel tank used in this ship, the structure of the tank can not be strengthened like the conventional fuel tank, and the deformation of the bulkhead after filling the LNG tank will cause the container hoisting difficulty of the adjacent cargo warehouse. After several rounds of discussion, the design team of China Shipbuilding and ocean engineering design and Research Institute finally innovated and designed a new type of container guide rail to ensure the normal lifting of containers under any loading conditions. < p > < p > container ship cargo hold fire incidents occur from time to time. At present, the conventional fire-fighting methods sometimes can not effectively control the fire. Under the full discussion of all parties, the design team developed a new cargo tank filling fire-fighting system based on the original conventional CO2 and spray fire-fighting methods, and added a new set of fire-fighting system to escort the normal operation of the ship. < / P > < p > the construction process is also very difficult. The welding length of stainless steel corrugated plate of Mark III membrane fuel tank enclosure system is up to 9 km, and there is no leakage point in the welding. In the secondary shielding tightness test of this type of enclosure system, Hudong Zhonghua achieved the “zero leakage point” representing the highest level in the world, and its construction quality was highly praised by the shipyard. During navigation, the safe and reliable gas supply system will work in an all-round way, providing LNG output, gasification and pressure regulation to the main engine and generator for combustion to obtain sufficient kinetic energy. 18600 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas can be converted into power, which can ensure 23000 cases of dual fuel powered container ships to sail more than 20000 nautical miles, covering a round trip from Europe to the Far East. < / P > < p > Dafei shipping group is a French container carrier company, which is owned by Jacques R. Saad é, founded in 1978, is the third largest container transportation company in the world. It operates on 170 routes from more than 400 ports in 150 countries and is headquartered in Marseille, France. Dafei group’s choice to name the new flagship after its founder, Mr. Jacques Sade, is of great symbolic significance. < / P > < p > on September 19, 2017, China Shipbuilding Group signed a contract with France Dafei for the construction of 9 ultra large container ships with 23000 containers of dual fuel. “Dafei Jacques Sade” is the first ship made in the project, and eight sister ships are respectively undertaken by Hudong Zhonghua and Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. of China shipbuilding group. < / P > < p > < p > “dafeiyac Sade” and its eight sister ships of 23000 TEUs will be registered with the French International Registry (FIR). They will be named after the landmark buildings and other famous places and institutions in the French capital Paris (Champs Elysees, royal palace, Louvre, Rivoli Avenue, Montmartre heights, Concorde square, trogadro garden and Sorbonne University). < / P > < p > < p > “Dafei Jacques Sade” will open its first flight on the Asia Europe route (FAL) on September 23, which is the landmark route of Dafei group between Asia and Northern Europe. It will go to the major landmark ports: Busan, South Korea; Tianjin, Ningbo, Shanghai and Yantian in China; Singapore; Southampton, Dunkirk, Hamburg, Rotterdam, and alhersilas in Europe; and Basang port in Malaysia. The route provides services once a week, making 13 stops over an 84 day voyage. After the ship is put into operation, it will be deployed on the Asia Europe route and become an important link of the maritime Silk Road. < / P > < p > just seven days ago, South Korea also delivered a “super large natural gas container ship”. Hyundai Sanhu heavy industry has delivered a 366M long, 51m wide and 29.9m deep ship to Singapore’s EPS group, equipped with dual fuel engines, ultra large LNG fuel tanks and natural gas supply equipment, Yonhap reported on September 16. But the ship carries only 14800 TEUs, nearly 10000 less than the Daffy Jacques Sade. Global Tech