A few days ago, BMW’s new pure electric car ix3 made its debut in China as scheduled. Compared with Mercedes Benz EQC and Audi e-tron, the former two models have already been sold in the market, but it’s not too late to have a good meal. Unlike Mercedes Benz and Audi, BMW obviously pays more attention to the domestic market. At the beginning, it chose to put the BMW ix3 model into production in BMW Brilliance factory in China to supply the global market simultaneously. < p > < p > and domestic consumers purchase the BMW ix3, which is a domestic parity. They don’t have to pay high import taxes as an imported car like Audi e-tron. < / P > < p > at the press conference, BMW brought two models for ix3, leading and innovative. The pre-sale prices are 470000 yuan and 510000 yuan respectively. The car will be on sale by the end of this year. As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison. After the domestic BMW ix3 is exported overseas and becomes an imported car, is its price higher or lower than that in China? < / P > < p > taking Romania as an example, the current pre-sale price of BMW ix3 is 67592 euro (about 554000 yuan). Compared with the domestic market, the starting price is more than 80000 yuan. < p > < p > because previously, BMW executives have publicly said that BMW will not build new electric vehicles based on a new platform in the future. Therefore, this electric vehicle of great significance to BMW is based on the fuel version of BMW X3, and the two are highly similar in body design. < / P > < p > although the overall structure of the body has not been redesigned, the BMW ix3 is equipped with BMW’s latest fifth generation electric drive system (Edrive). The maximum power of the driving motor is 210Kw (286 HP), the peak torque is 400N · m, and the acceleration of 100km is only 6.8s. This level of power is far beyond the fuel version of the 2.0T engine. < / P > < p > the battery is equipped with a 74kwh ternary lithium battery from Ningde times, with a range of 500km under NEDC condition. Although the endurance level, compared with domestic brands, it is not too excellent. < p > < p > in terms of charging, BMW obviously has a good technical accumulation. Ix3 model, DC charging, up to 100 kW charging power, 45 minutes can charge the battery from 0 to 80%. < / P > < p > at present, no matter whether the major automobile enterprises are willing to accept the arrival of the electric vehicle era or not, the market choice has come to this stage. The transformation of various brands in the era of electrification is also a matter of certainty. However, the domestic luxury car BBA three giants, love each other to kill the situation has not changed. Today, with the BMW ix3, Mercedes Benz EQC and Audi e-tron models converging in the domestic market, it remains to be seen who can take the lead in the next electric vehicle competition. Privacy Policy