Hou Jianbin, all media reporter of the rule of law daily

The reporter learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology today that during the Spring Festival holiday of 2021 (February 11-february 17), the basic telecommunication enterprises earnestly implement the deployment and requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology for the communication guarantee work during the Spring Festival, and spare no effort to do a good job in “Celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot” and epidemic prevention and control service guarantee for the masses, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the communication network, high quality and efficiency, and meet the needs of the users during the Spring Festival Consumer demand.

The consumption of mobile data traffic has maintained a rapid growth. Under the initiative of “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot”, new year’s greetings, entertainment and consumption patterns continue to shift to the online, and “Celebrating the Chinese New Year in the cloud”, digital red envelopes and online shopping for new year’s goods have become new trends, driving the rapid growth of mobile Internet traffic. During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the mobile Internet traffic reached 3.573 million TB (1TB = 1024gb), an increase of 23.4% compared with the 7-day Spring Festival holiday in 2020; among them, the mobile data traffic on the new year’s Eve and the first day of the new year increased by 28.7% and 26.1% respectively. Cloud interaction, entertainment, shopping and other “cloud life” are popular.

Provide on-the-spot Spring Festival and epidemic prevention and control services. Basic telecom enterprises provide free flow gift package activities for “local Chinese New Year” customers, giving 10-20gb of flow; provide convenient preferential activities for migrant workers; China Unicom provides cross domain integration package services; China Mobile promotes Gigabit broadband, intelligent networking, family security, voice remote control and other integration services, to meet the needs of high-definition video and smart home during the Spring Festival; ensure the quality of service To provide timely response to the demand of physical business channels and the service of loading and maintenance channels during the Spring Festival. All basic telecom enterprises strengthen the network security work in key epidemic prevention areas to ensure the smooth flow and reliable quality of mobile base stations and special line networks such as epidemic prevention hospitals and health departments; China Telecom focuses on improving the use perception of code scanning mobile services in response to the demand of travel epidemic prevention and the surge of consumption code scanning.

We should take various measures to ensure the safety, smoothness and high quality of the network. During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the national communication network is safe and smooth, running smoothly, achieving the goal of no major network failure, no major security incidents, no major customer complaints. China’s mobile phone billing time totaled 54.84 billion minutes, up 5.6% year on year. The number of mobile short messages sent nationwide reached 21.2 billion, and the proportion of all kinds of public service short messages increased. Basic telecom enterprises formulate targeted network security strategies, and carry out comprehensive hidden danger investigation, inspection and capacity expansion before the festival. China Mobile promotes intelligent network support means, including online management of support personnel, online collaboration of abnormal events, network cloud intelligent disaster recovery, intelligent machine room inspection, AI intelligent voice complaint analysis, etc., to effectively improve support efficiency; China Unicom formulates anti congestion and anti attack plans for Internet and data center (IDC); China Telecom invests 110000 support personnel. The safe operation of the communication network provides a strong guarantee for businesses to carry out online New Year’s festival and other consumer activities, meets users’ Online New Year’s greetings, cloud gathering, Spring Festival video sharing, Spring Festival Gala red envelope interaction and other communication needs, and contributes to the prosperity of the festival consumer market.

Focus on 5g applications to promote consumption upgrading. The basic telecom enterprises give full play to the advantages of 5g network and technology, and successfully complete the 8K live broadcast guarantee task of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. All enterprises focus on the promotion of 5g applications, and cooperate with all sectors of society to carry out spring festival activities, including the launch of various forms of 5g red envelopes, AI greeting cards, New Year greetings on the cloud, video RBT and other online festival activities, the development of 5g upgrade package, 5g pass, 5g through train and other services, the purchase of 5g mobile phones and various spring festival preferential activities for 5g package contracts, so as to promote the rapid development of 5g users.