RTX 3090 has been on sale for some time. This card, known as the first 8K game graphics card, was recently tested by the oil pipeline channel bang4buckpc gamer. All tests are 8K resolution. The games include Batman: Arkham knight, battlefield 1, battlefield 3, alloy gear 5, soul power 6, F1 2020 and control, most of which can stabilize 8K / 60 frames. “Batman” can be run between “Batman” and “Batman” with a resolution of less than 40 frames. The bang4buckpc gamer also enables most NVIDIA gameworks effects (but does not include enhanced flare). < / P > < p > < p > both battlefield 1 and battlefield 3 can operate stably at 8K / 60 frames, while alloy equipment 5 has 45-55 frames at 8K maximum image quality, so it can’t maintain a stable 60 frame experience in 8K resolution. Soul power 6, which uses the unreal 4 engine, also fails to maintain a stable 60 frame experience at 8K. < p > < p > < p > both F1 2020 and control used DLSS 2.0 in the test, but only “F1 2020” used DLSS 2.0 at 8K maximum image quality can stabilize 60 frames, while control can only keep between 33 and 38 frames. Global Tech