In July last year, 343 released the first demo of Halo: infinity. Due to the intolerable quality of the picture, it quickly attracted a lot of criticism and prompted 343 to respond many times. Bonnie, the founder of “the halo of 2021” in particular, stressed that “the halo of the game” will bring some important things to fans. < / P > < p > like most game developers, Ross believes that 2020 will be a turbulent year for every 343 developers, but this has not stopped the team from continuing to develop halo series, especially halo: infinity. Ross said they made good progress on Halo: infinity, but she didn’t disclose any important details about the current state of the game. The founder of studio 343 made it clear to the players that although halo: infinity was postponed, it was definitely worth the wait. < / P > < p > since last summer, it has been rumored that the xboxone version of Halo: Infinity has been cancelled and become exclusive to PC and Xbox series X. But it turned out to be false. John junyszek, community manager of halo series, denied the rumors on twitter, which is the second time that 343 has confirmed that halo: Infinity will land on Xbox one. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today