Zero point, the final trading volume of tmall double 11 global carnival season in 2020 is fixed at 498.2 billion yuan. Jingdong announced that the total order amount of Jingdong double 11 global love season reached 271.5 billion yuan. According to Jiang Fan, President of Taobao tmall, according to the same period and caliber comparison, Gmv during the double 11 period this year has increased by 103.2 billion over the same period of last year, with a growth rate of 26% — the highest growth rate in the past three years. While the numbers are climbing and setting records one after another, this year’s double 11 has also witnessed a new change – a longer front and an earlier arrival. < / P > < p > from singles day to “nunchakus”, from one-day shopping Carnival to two waves of sales climax, all platforms hope to reduce the pressure of express logistics, improve the shopping experience of users, and truly enable the brand, stimulate domestic demand, and stimulate greater value behind the double 11. < / P > < p > double 11, a well-known promotion node, has been in its 12th year since its birth in 2009. Over the past 12 years, double 11 has brought a lot of special terms related to it: second kill, chop hands, build a building, raise a cat, tail money person… Double 11 is still a double 11, but it has been refreshing its form and content – the sales cycle is changing, the promotion means is changing, the entertainment carrier is changing, and the mentality of platforms, businesses and users is also changing. Especially this year, as a significant consumption event in the second half of 2020, double 11 in the post epidemic period naturally carries the banner of boosting domestic demand growth. CSCI pointed out that after the comprehensive recovery of consumption in the golden week of the national day, this year’s double 11 has undertaken the outbreak of the largest online demand after the epidemic, which plays a key role in the normalization of consumption in the post epidemic era. The 12-year-old double 11 stands at a new starting point. What we witness is not only the flow of numbers, but also the change of consumption concept. < / P > < p > Jingdong double 11 was launched on October 21 and lasted until November 11. There were two waves of pre-sale, with the balance paid on November 1 and November 11 respectively for 22 days. Tmall and have the same rhythm, and the sales climax is on November 11 In addition to the “10 billion subsidy”, pinduoduo launched a cash back policy for cross store orders, similar to full reduction, from October 21 to November 14; Suning e-buy entered the double-11 status on September 28, and added a total of 4-day payment time from October 31 to November 3. < / P > < p > for the double 11 rhythm change, the explanations given by each platform are similar, but they are nothing more than reducing the logistics pressure and improving the consumption experience. Jialuo, vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of tmall platform operation business department, disclosed that in the first five or six months of this year’s double 11, Alibaba had already started to conduct research on businesses and consumers, involving different industries, different scales and different city distribution. Combined with the research results and the feedback from businesses and consumers, we finally made the decision to adjust the rhythm. “In the 20 days since October 21, we have seen many gratifying changes and some good figures in terms of the participation of businesses, feedback from consumers, service capabilities and the participation of multiple ecological roles with e-commerce as the core.” < / P > < p > when it comes to the extra three days of “preemptive shopping”, Jialuo believes that the transaction in these days is a good experience for consumers who have never participated in double 11. This year, more consumers have participated, and businesses have stronger smoothness and service ability in the whole process. According to Chu Yin, a professor in the Department of public management, School of international relations, the sales cycle of double 11 has changed from the explosive growth of sales at a specific time point to a more stable and even consumption growth in a specific period. Such a change not only further integrates itself with the daily consumption scene, but also makes the consumption behavior more rational, more sustainable and resilient. The most important thing is to help businesses reestablish and strengthen the stickiness of users with the help of the whole cycle of double 11, so as to realize the effective recovery of performance after the epidemic. < / P > < p > according to the data from Alibaba, there are 474 “100 million yuan clubs” in the global carnival season of tmall double 11, of which 60% of the brands have grown faster than last year. < p > < p > Jingdong disclosed that the turnover of more than 20000 brands in Jingdong supermarket during the double-11 period doubled year-on-year; the turnover of 3C home appliances brands such as Haier and Midea Gree Huawei was more than 100 million at a “second” speed. Many new brands also have their own highlights during the double-11 period. From November 1 to 12:00 on November 11, 16 new brands including perfect diary and its new sharp brands such as xiaoaotin, huaxizi, ubras, Tianke and jiaonei, have sold more than 100 million yuan on tmall double 11. In the opinion of Chen Yuwen, founder of perfect diary, one of the important reasons why tmall is regarded as the promotion core position of all its new brands is that tmall is getting younger and younger. In addition, social interaction and live broadcast outbreak also play a key role. It is obvious to all that the double 11 has helped the brand, but not to some small businesses. In an interview with sina science and technology, Emperor Xi Xi, a Taobao merchant who deals in women’s trousers, said: “this double 11 is too miserable.” She said that from 0:00 to the afternoon of November 11, the sales volume of the store was tens of thousands of yuan, and after it opened at 0:00 last year, it reached more than 100000 yuan in a few minutes. “Our customer service said that we had been sitting still last year, we didn’t have time for dinner, and we even had time for a cup of coffee this year.” < p > < p > like his majesty Xi Xi Xi, there are not a few small businesses who have the same worry about this year’s double 11. Yao Jia, a staff member of the beauty blogger team, told Sina technology that compared with last year, its stores no longer set up coupons of different magnitudes this year. They basically only participate in cross store full discount, and the coupons are only for individual products. She revealed that after the first wave of cross store full sales reduction, the overall situation should be basically the same as last year, and the final sales may be less than last year. “Double 11 is an opportunity for small businesses like us to make up for the off-season revenue from July to September. If further profits can bring considerable traffic, it is also worth it. But in the whole system, Matthew effect is very obvious < p > < p > “help me chop”, “ask for points”, “join me in a group”… During the double 11 period, all kinds of playing methods came as promised, such as making up for reduction, seizing pre-sale, paying the balance, raising cats and cats… Each year has its own new pattern. < / P > < p > for most users, participating in double 11 shopping pursues low price and hopes for simplicity. In other words, complicated playing method, tedious calculation and lengthy process are all taboos in the minds of users. < p > < p > tmall has previously said that this year is the biggest double 11 of the platform’s investment, and its playing methods, including subsidies, deductions and red envelopes, have become more direct. < p > < p > User Lei zhe told Sina technology that the goods she bought were more affordable in price, but it was hard for her to accept the fact that she had to stay up late to pay the balance, because “it really delayed my sleep.”. < / P > < p > in addition to staying up late to pay the final payment, Mu Zhi is more anxious about buying too many goods that may not be needed at all in order to make up for it. “Originally I didn’t have so much to buy, but now I spend money intensively, which makes my mind a little bit broken.” Indeed, the anxiety before impulse consumption is more and more anxious after impulse consumption. Under the promotion and practice year after year, double 11 is more and more like a shopping race. If you don’t spend money, you will run slowly. If you don’t buy, you will lose blood. < / P > < p > “the deposit is cool for a while, and the last payment is for the crematorium”. During the pre-sale period of double-11, many of the goods were sold on the second-hand e-commerce platform. A small number of them are not related to resale. According to the data provided by Zhuanzhuan group, mobile phones, cosmetics and personal care, digital products, clothing, shoes and hats and books are all in the forefront. < p > < p > platforms, merchants, and users have been with double 11 for 12 years. Zhang Yong, chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors and CEO, once said that the origin of double 11 is very simple, “I want to let consumers remember us through an activity or an event”. In 2009, the trading volume of double 11 was 52 million yuan, while in 2020, double 11 was no longer just a day, and the total trading volume also rose to 498.2 billion yuan. From the 50% discount of the whole market, double 11 started its evolutionary journey until today. < / P > < p > in the past 12 years, not only the volume of transactions, but also the number of participating double 11 brands increased. The players on the stage were not only Alibaba, but also Jingdong, Suning and pinduoduo. Jingdong even developed its “red June” into another promotion node – 618. < / P > < p > in parallel with the globalization strategy is the development of overseas shopping, and with the trend of mobile, it is the purchasing power that counts every minute. In the seventh year of double 11, the party joined and the playing method was updated. It became a new trend to buy and buy while watching the program. In the eighth year of double 11, the total transaction volume reached 120.7 billion yuan. However, after this year, pinduoduo rose strongly and the pattern of “Three Kingdoms killing” of e-commerce began to appear. Since 2018, double 11 began to develop into a comprehensive event combining online and offline. Then, live delivery with goods was launched and gradually carried forward. New retail formats such as HEMA are fully integrated into double 11… < / P > < p > looking back from a new starting point, double 11 brings not only the increasing total transaction volume, but also the growth and explosion of commercial potential. Jiang Fan said that tmall double 11 is not only owned by Alibaba, but also the result of the joint participation of China’s digital economy. This year, double 11 has changed from “singles day” which only sells for one day to “nunchakus”, which is the biggest change in the past 12 years. What will the next double 11 look like? What kind of experience will users have? How will businesses grow? What kind of innovation will the platform carry out? Every change requires great courage. The data of double 11 is still refreshing, and the story of double 11 is still continuing. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple