Driven by favorable factors such as the upcoming iPhone 12, which will bring about a super update cycle, Apple’s market value has exceeded $2 trillion last Wednesday, and its current market value has reached $2.12 trillion. Although it is not long before Apple’s market value exceeds $2 trillion, some analysts expect that driven by 5g, AR, autonomous driving, health, service and other products and businesses, Apple’s market value will be even higher, which is expected to reach $3 trillion. < p > < p > it is gene Munster, an analyst at Loup ventures, who expects Apple’s market value to reach $3 trillion. He gave this expectation in a report to investors, which has been obtained by foreign media. According to gene Munster in his report, it was hard to imagine Apple’s market value reaching $1 trillion three years ago and $2 trillion two years ago. Now it’s also hard for some investors to imagine Apple’s market value reaching $3 trillion, but they believe that there is a clear route to the next milestone. < p > < p > Munster thinks that Apple’s market value is expected to reach 3 trillion US dollars because he thinks that apple is in an advantageous position in using advanced technologies such as health and ar. in terms of some products and technologies, apple is not the first to launch, which gives apple time to learn from competitors and improve its own products. < p > < p > specifically, Munster believes that 5g, AR and health technology, service business, and autonomous driving will drive Apple’s market value to $3 trillion. < / P > < p > in terms of 5g, the upcoming iPhone 12 will be the first 5g smartphone launched by apple, and Apple will enter the 5g smartphone market. It is expected that there will be a three-year super update cycle and start a new mobile application period. < p > < p > the importance of AR and medical and health technology is growing day by day. Munster believes that apple is ready to show its talents in these two fields, and AR system may become the next major computing platform. Medical and health technology will become more digital, personalized and preventive, wearable devices will be used to collect data, artificial intelligence will be used to analyze data, and consumer technology will become an interface to connect with consumers. In terms of service business, Munster is optimistic about the growth potential of Apple’s apple pay and financial services business, and Apple TV + and other original content platforms will also occupy a larger share of media consumption. Although

has already heard the news of Apple’s development of autopilot many years ago, it has not made much progress in this area. Even so, MST still believes that Apple will play a role in this area. Privacy Policy