According to foreign media reports, Bart is planning to provide Wi Fi for all trains, small base stations along the line, and 5g signal coverage for each underground station. Up to now, the whole Bart system has only sporadic mobile network coverage. However, the agency said in an announcement on Tuesday that it was working with mobilitie to introduce 5g mobile connectivity into the tunnels, stations and trams of its rail transit system by 2023. < / P > < p > the projects announced today include the installation of distributed antenna system (DAS) equipment in the 11 mile tunnel in downtown San Francisco and at 11 underground stations. < / P > < p > mobilitie wireless from Newport Beach, California, will also install small base stations along the line to improve Internet coverage in 25 Bay Area cities. < / P > < p > in addition, if all goes well, Wi Fi 6 access will be available at all 48 stations and trains, and large-scale fiber deployment will be expected along the entire bay area. Bob powers, general manager of Bart, said the digital transformation partnership with mobilitie will improve the institution’s systems and broadband connectivity to travelers. At that time, people will have better access to real-time information, convenient and medical. < p > < p > it is reported that 5g is the next generation of cellular technology, with a theoretical speed of 10 to 100 times that of 4G, and has the ability of rapid response, which is expected to improve the huge potential from video conferencing, telemedicine, and augmented / virtual reality. Global Tech