In 2020, due to some special reasons, everything seems to be different from usual. All the press conferences have been changed to online, and apple, which has attracted much attention, has also transferred the press conference to online and broadcast it in the form of video broadcasting. Since wwdc2020, we have seen a different online conference. < / P > < p > as we all know, Apple releases its new iPhone every autumn. At the apple launch in September 2020, we only saw the release of the new iPad and the new Apple watch, with and without these two new hardware products. Shortly after the launch, apple held another new product launch, which was the first time Apple held two new product launches in the autumn, still in the form of online recording and broadcasting. < / P > < p > at the second new product launch, we saw the release of new iPhones, and it was the first time that we released four new iPhones in one breath, and the first time we supported 5g iPhones. Not only that, Apple also introduced a new MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger, charging the iPhone 12 series for the first time, reaching 15W power. The iPhone 11 series supports fast charging of PD. Using the PD charger for half an hour can charge 50% of the power, and the measured power of the small edition can reach about 23W. Even so, judging from the charging power of 65W or 120W by Android manufacturers, it seems that Apple’s action is too slow. Throughout the iPhone product line, it seems that Apple has been slow in charging. < / P > < p > the reason why Apple can become a giant in today’s science and technology industry, and can lead the development of design direction, can be said to dare to innovate is the basis of Apple’s attention. Before the release of the first generation iPhone in 2007, there were all kinds of smart phones in the market. Nokia, Motorola and other mobile phone giants were dividing up the smartphone market. At that time, Apple was still focusing on the development of iPods, which could put thousands of music into their pockets. But with the passage of time, jobs realized that intelligent opportunities occupied the market of iPods, so he advocated the development of smart phones. < p > < p > at the press conference, jobs also commented on the current smart phones, saying that smart phones are not good to use, and they are not smart, but they can also send and receive e-mail online. But the only thing is that no matter how smart phones developed at that time, the physical keyboard in the lower part of the front still exists. Indeed, no matter from the traditional 9 key or 26 key, no matter how rich the functions are, the entity button below is always there, whether it is used or not, it is there. < p > < p > < p > jobs had a unique insight and hit the nail on the head. He launched the first generation of iPhone. For the first time, he took away the 26 physical buttons below and replaced them with virtual keys. When needed, the buttons appeared, and when they were not needed, they were hidden. At that time, there was only one physical button on the front, and the 3.5-inch large screen iPhone exploded the mobile phone market as soon as it was launched. Steve Jobs’ iPhone revolutionized the development of smart phones. Oh, by the way, the original iPhone comes with a 5W charger as standard. For the next 10 years, Wufu Yian has been around the iPhone, as if it has become a synonym for iPhone charging. < / P > < p > the original iPhone used a 30 pin dock interface, which has been used until the iPhone 4S. On September 12, 2012, Apple launched the lightning interface for the first time, which means that Apple’s 30 pin dock interface, which has been used for nine years, will be officially replaced. Compared with the previous charging interface, lightning interface has advantages in volume and supports forward and backward blind insertion on the other hand. Since then, the lightning interface has been used to this day, which is the first time Apple has made the iPhone’s opening smaller. Although the interface is smaller, the charging power is still 5W. < p > < p > iPhone 6 can be said to be the beginning of Apple’s move towards large screen phones. At the 2014 conference, Apple launched the first 4.7-inch large screen iPhone 6, and for the first time launched a larger 5.5-inch plus version. It’s just, um The standard configuration is still 5W charger. At that time, the 18W QC fast charging of Android camp had begun to overflow, but Apple still insisted on its own line. < p > < p > in 2016, iPhone 7 was released in September. Added new color, support stereo dual speakers for the first time. And for the first time, the vibration motor is used to simulate the key effect of the home key. Compared with the home key that can be pressed by the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7 has made the buttons integrated, and the number of holes for the iPhone phone has gone a step further. In addition, the biggest stir was the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone interface and the use of airpods instead. You can see from the iPhone 7 how persistent apple is to reduce the number of holes in the iPhone. < p > < p > in the iPhone 8 generation, Apple announced that the iPhone already supports PD fast charging. This is the first time in a decade that Apple officially supports high-power fast charging, and the charging voltage directly jumps from 5V to 9V. And it supports wireless charging for the first time, and the charging method of iPhone is changed for the first time. < / P > < p > although the iPhone 8 started to support the fast charging of PD, apple did not explain how high the power was supported. It only showed that 50% of the battery could be charged in half an hour using the PD charger. Later, the standby charging power was only about 12W according to the small editor’s actual measurement. However, compared with the charging of iPhone, it is a great progress. After the launch of the iPhone XS series, the 6.7-inch large screen iPhone XS Max is seen for the first time, and the charging power can reach up to 23W, which is the first time in the history of iPhone charging. Since then, the whole iPhone system supports fast charging and wireless charging of PD, with wired PD fast charging of 12w-23w and wireless charging of 7.5W. < / P > < p > in the first half of 2020, there have been reports that the charging interface of the iPhone has begun to change. The European Union has passed a resolution to unify the charging interface of mobile phones, all of which use usb-c to get a higher charging scheme. However, it has come to the second half of the year. The lightning interface is still used in the previous iPhone se2 and the latest iPhone 12 series. Apple’s charging interface has not changed. < / P > < p > the current smart machine market is mainly apple and Android. The former still adheres to the charging interface of lightning, while Android has already unified the usb-c charging interface, so it has higher versatility. Although Apple has not replaced the charging interface of iPhone with usb-c, this does not mean that Apple thinks the usb-c interface is not good, or it will not install usb-c interface on its MAC, iPad pro and iPad air. We can see some clues of Apple’s charging for iPhone. We will talk about it later. < p > < p > at 1:00 a.m. on October 14, 2020, Apple launched the new iPhone 12 series, changing the sleek frame that has been used since iPhone 6 to the vertical frame of iPhone 4S era. In addition to the appearance change and performance enhancement, Apple introduced MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging for the first time, and upgraded 7.5W Qi charging to 15W wireless charging power for the first time. Users only need to purchase apple MagSafe wireless charger to realize the wireless fast charging of iPhone 12. < / P > < p > you know, this is the first time Apple has increased the power of wireless charging since the release of iPhone 8, and has brought magnetic charging to the iPhone for the first time. In the face of the 120W charging power of Android, apple does not seem to plan to increase the cable charging power of the iPhone. Moreover, the iPhone 12 series does not even come with a charger. The box is half thinner and there is only a fast charging line inside. But now PD chargers are very popular, so Apple allows users to buy chargers according to their own ideas. < / P > < p > throughout the development history of iPhone charging, from the early generation of iPhone supporting 5W charging to the current wired charging power of 20W + and wireless charging power of 15W, the development process can be counted in one hand. On the other hand, the development of 18w-120w charging is rapid, and the update iteration is very fast. But judging from MagSafe’s support for 15W wireless charging power, Apple seems to be in the process of making a big move. < / P > < p > when the iPhone X was released in 2017, Xiaobian once saw a news report. Apple’s design of iPhone X was actually started as early as the release of iPhone 5S. It has been four years since the release of the iPhone 5S. In these four years, Apple has foreshadowed that the future mobile phone will enter the era of full screen, dare to innovate, and can come up with good enough products to conquer consumers. I believe this is one of the reasons why Apple is still a technology giant after more than a decade. < / P > < p > in fact, we can boldly imagine here that the emergence of MagSafe is the beginning of Apple’s change of iPhone charging. Maybe there are already iPhones without charging interface in apple. Apple will continue to improve the power of wireless charging at some time in the future, and will officially announce the cancellation of charging interface for a new iPhone in the future, so as to fully embrace the wireless era. < / P > < p > for the first time, the 30 pin charging interface was changed to the 8-pin lightning interface. For the first time, the home key was designed as non pressing type, the headset interface was canceled for the first time, and wireless charging was supported for the first time. Apple’s changes to the iPhone also prove that Apple will build a holeless iPhone in the future. Cancel the charging interface, embrace wireless charging in an all-round way, and use the wireless way to link devices, because Apple has already used airdrop to achieve the linkage between iPhone and other apple devices. < / P > < p > and the holeless mobile phone has been seen on Meizu zero of Meizu before, but it is still in the engineering machine stage. In fact, the technical conditions needed to build a holeless iPhone are not out of reach. Virtual non pressing buttons are used, audio is changed to screen sound, and data transmission between mobile phones and other devices depends on wireless. At present, it is not impossible, at least it has appeared in the market. < p > < p > in the face of Android’s 120W charging power technology, Apple seems to be in a hurry. The only big change is to launch MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging and increase the wireless charging power to 15W. However, the cable charging was not mentioned at the press conference. In the details page of the official website, it only said that the combination of PD charger and iPhone charger can be used for iPhone Charge 50% of the power in 12.5 hours. Maybe Apple’s focus on charging iPhone is not on fast charging of wired PD, but directly developing better wireless charging to prepare for the future wireless era. Naturally, Apple will not change the charging interface of iPhone to usb-c. < / P > < p > again, we all believe that the future is the era of wireless charging. From the emergence of airpods to the development of wireless charging technology, wireless will only create better user experience. Imagine that the iPhone will cancel the charging interface and use wireless charging instead, and the power of wireless charging will be comparable to that of wired charging. When you use a wireless charger indoors, you can use a magnetic suction wireless charger when you go out, which can reduce the burden of users’ travel, and improve the waterproof performance of iPhone. < / P > < p > in fact, sometimes it is not very accurate to say that Apple innovatively launched XX technology. Many of the technologies used by Apple have been used and launched by manufacturers before. But Apple’s advantage lies in polishing the technology. < / P > < p > at present, the iPhone 12 has been released, and the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have been opened to pre order. In a few days, everyone will be able to receive the new machine.