The absence of Apple’s new product launch in autumn has further boosted the attention of iPhone 12. According to @ mobile phone chip talent, apple can obtain 10 million A14 chips in the third quarter and 70 million A14 chips in the fourth quarter. A total of 80 million A14 chips can be obtained this year, but the production and assembly will be a few weeks behind. So it’s estimated that about 70 million iPhones will be produced this year. As for whether the sales are good, it takes time to prove that “apple is not a charity. The cost of the new 5g iPhone has increased a lot, and then the price remains the same as last year. This kind of probability is very low. The 5g iPhone’s $699 jump is unlikely. This year’s BOM (bill of materials) has increased by nearly $50 (modem, RF, TOF, OLED…. “. < / P > < p > previously, in the forecast report, Guo Mingzhen, an analyst at Tianfeng international, mentioned that the fastest time for mass production and shipment of the iPhone 12 series would be in early October. < p > < p > Guo believes that the iPhone 12 will not support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, mainly because it consumes too much power. As the battery capacity of iPhone 12 series becomes smaller, the 5g network supporting power consumption is not good for its endurance. If it supports 120Hz power consumption, the user experience will be significantly reduced. However, Guo predicts that the new 2021 iPhone will adopt ltpo technology, reduce screen power consumption and support 120Hz. < / P > < p > he also predicts that the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 will have the same size as the existing iPhone 11. In order to make the information on the top left and the top right displayed properly, the 5.4 inch iPhone has a slightly narrower sea area. Global Tech