With the widespread use of such functions as tachograph and mobile phone photo taking, the citizens can participate in the “traffic violation report” and also have technical equipment support. Moreover, citizens and drivers can report road violations together, which will better deter those drivers who do not like to abide by the rules and bring safety risks to themselves and others. Because he didn’t know how many “cameras” were watching it when he was driving illegally. Recently, according to media reports, the Beijing traffic police recently released the first month operation of “casually photographing”. After screening and auditing, 53000 traffic violation clues meeting the evidential standard have been entered into the off-site law enforcement system. < / P > < p > according to statistics, among the traffic violation clues reported by citizens, they involve “illegal occupation of emergency lane, bus lane, non motor vehicle lane and diversion belt”, “congestion and merging line”, “violation of traffic restriction regulations”, “blocking of motor vehicle number plate”, “illegal parking of main road”, “illegal parking of double row motor vehicle lane”, “illegal parking of blind lane and crosswalk” The report clues of illegal activities are the most concentrated. In addition, the traffic police department has carried out a key inspection work for the more strict punishment of vehicle blocking license plate and other behaviors. For the illegal clues of “blocking the number plate of motor vehicles” provided by the citizens, we examined and obtained evidence one by one. < p > < p > it is reported that from August 14 to 16, people in Chaoyang District and Haidian District reported that a passenger car was suspected of deliberately blocking the number plate of a motor vehicle. After careful investigation and evidence collection, it was found that the passenger car was suspected of deliberately blocking the vehicle number plate for six times. < p > < p > after obtaining the complete evidence chain, the traffic control department summoned the illegal suspect in accordance with the law. Finally, the illegal suspect confessed to repeatedly deliberately blocking the number plate, and the police were punished with 1200 yuan and 72 points. < / P > < p > finally, the Beijing traffic police department also reminds the citizens who submit the report clues that they should pay attention to covering the license plate number, illegal place, illegal details and other information when shooting, so as to facilitate the traffic police department to collect evidence and investigate. At the same time, when reporting traffic violations during shooting, you must abide by laws and regulations to ensure your own safety. You are not allowed to use your mobile phone to shoot reports in the process of driving, and do not affect the normal passage of other traffic participants. Global Tech