In previous years, “double 11” in the “buy buy buy” Carnival, followed by everyone’s complaints about the speed of express delivery. During this year’s “double 11” period, however, some netizens said that after paying the balance the night before, it would be delivered by express the next day. According to the monitoring data of the State Post Office, from November 1 to November 11, 3.965 billion Express items were processed by postal and express enterprises across the country, and 675 million Express items were processed on November 11, a year-on-year increase of 26.16%, a record high. Are you satisfied with express logistics? Last week, a survey of 1233 respondents conducted by the social survey center of China Youth Daily showed that 87.3% of the respondents felt that the express delivery speed of “double 11” this year had been improved compared with that in previous years, and 93.5% of the respondents were satisfied. In terms of improving express delivery service, 67.0% of the respondents hope that express enterprises will comprehensively promote and improve the intelligent service system, and 60.8% of the respondents hope to provide delivery mode optional service to improve delivery efficiency. < / P > < p > “in the past years, the most disturbing thing was waiting for express delivery. To check the logistics progress, there are always piles of “to be delivered” and “to be received”. If you look at the logistics progress, most of them will move to the next location within a few days. The receiving date only shows that “the package is getting closer to the destination”. It’s a real treat. I’m worried about waiting. ” Tang Wanqing, a college student in Beijing, said. < / P > < p > combined with the previous “double 11” express delivery situation, in terms of logistics this year, the most concerned question of respondents is whether they can be delivered quickly (67.3%). < / P > < p > one year, Tang Wanqing bought a box of nuts and waited three or four days for the logistics information to be updated. “The consulting store was told that it might be due to the large order volume and the delivery delay. I waited for a few days, but I still didn’t make any progress. Finally, the store found out that it was a lost piece and reissued another box. “. < p > < p > Shandong full-time mother Wu Lian (pseudonym) told reporters that what she was most worried about was the violent sorting situation caused by the large amount of express mail during the “double 11” period. She had encountered several times, “sometimes the outer packaging has been broken, sometimes it seems to have been disassembled, and it is not practical to use it. Sometimes the goods inside are also broken. I once bought soy sauce and shampoo, and when they were sent home by express delivery, the boxes were all softened by a large corner, and the subsequent application for compensation was quite frustrating. ” < p > < p > 29 year old KANGYI (pseudonym) often works overtime on weekends, often fails to receive express delivery in time, and can only be stored in express cabinets and supermarket collection points. In the “double 11”, receiving express delivery is a big problem for her. “The express cabinet is limited, and basically can only be put in the supermarket collection point near the community. After work every day, I have to look in a lot of express delivery for half a day. Often because of express delivery, heavy weight, turn back several times. According to the volume of each express delivery, the collection point will charge 1 yuan or 2 yuan, and it will be a lot if you add one piece. “. < / P > < p > about express logistics, respondents also paid attention to the following aspects: intact packaging (66.5%), accurate delivery (56.9%), no missing (51.4%), avoiding violent sorting and transportation (28.3%), and communicating delivery mode and place in advance (24.3%). < / P > < p > “I waited until the early morning of November 11 this year to pay the balance of some products. One of the skin care products was delivered to school the next afternoon. I was shocked by the speed of the express delivery. Moreover, this is not an individual phenomenon. When you open the logistics information of goods to be received, you can basically display the specific delivery date, which makes you feel very down-to-earth. Students also feel that this year’s “double 11″ express is really fast. ” Tang Wanqing said. Online shopping awesome,

Wu Lian said that since November 12th, she basically received express delivery every day, “what I feel is that there is no difference in the logistics experience of online shopping, especially to the force.” According to the survey, 87.3% of the respondents felt that the express delivery speed of “double 11” this year has been improved compared with that in previous years, and 34.8% of the respondents felt that it was much faster. < p > < p > 93.5% of the respondents were satisfied with the express logistics speed of “double 11” this year, and 29.1% were very satisfied. Interactive analysis found that the proportion of respondents in first tier cities was the highest (39.2%), followed by those in second tier cities (27.1%). Kang Yi once complained about a courier because of the problem of receiving express delivery. “I was at work at that time, and I received a call from the courier. I hope he can put it in the express cabinet of the community or the collection point of the supermarket, but he has a very bad attitude. He refuses to accept the delivery on the ground that there is no place for the express cabinet and he can’t wait for too long. He also does not agree to deliver it another day It’s very irresponsible to put the door of the unit. After a long time of communication, we couldn’t solve the problem. We also said, “I’m not responsible for lost items.”. In the end, I complained on the ground of bad manners. ” Kang Yi sighed, “it’s hard for office workers to receive items on weekdays.”. < / P > < p > she hopes that if the site and other conditions permit, the express cabinet can be added appropriately. “For example, single young office workers often have no one at home during the day, so they can’t receive the express delivery in time. The courier also goes for nothing, wasting time and physical strength. For example, it is convenient for me to send information to customers by express delivery service. It is humanized and can improve the efficiency of distribution. Of course, there is also the possibility that everyone’s choice will pile up, which is inconvenient for the courier to adjust according to the actual situation. However, I think that high-quality and efficient service always needs to run in and progress. I hope express enterprises can improve and service more humanized. “. “The express delivery service level of the company is better than that of the express delivery company.” In Wu Lian’s opinion, it is inevitable that express warehouses will burst in time for the large-scale shopping festival. Many Express items are stranded at the departure station or transfer station waiting for sorting. While pursuing efficient sorting, patient and responsible attitude is equally important. “Every express is a consumer’s waiting, so we must avoid violent sorting and delivery. It can be achieved by increasing the income of staff in the shopping festival and increasing the number of staff in temporary scheduling. < / P > < p > “I have seen news reports that this year’s” double 11 “express delivery logistics speed has increased, some of which are due to the fact that the goods to be paid with the balance have been delivered to the warehouse near the consumers in advance, and the goods will be delivered as soon as the balance is paid. Another important reason is the coverage of intelligent systems. A number of express companies have adopted and promoted automatic sorting equipment, enabling technology to improve the mechanization level of express warehouse, which also improves everyone’s shopping experience. That’s great. ” Tang Wanqing said. < / P > < p > to improve the express service, 67.0% of the respondents hope that the express enterprises will comprehensively promote and improve the intelligent service system, 61.4% of the respondents suggest to add the community express cabinet, 60.8% of the respondents hope to provide the delivery mode optional service to improve the delivery efficiency, and 35.4% of the respondents suggest that the express delivery site should send more staff during the peak logistics period. Of the respondents, 30.8% live in first tier cities, 45.3% in second tier cities, 19.4% in third and fourth tier cities, 3.9% in cities or counties and 0.6% in rural areas. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States