For geeks familiar with mobile phones, another familiar term is about to become history. Mobile phone mobile phone industry was released in November 17th by Taobao. In the new regulation, the sellers of mobile phones can not appear in the description of non Chinese mainland such as “Hong Kong Edition, the US version, Asia Pacific, European version, Japanese edition, Korean Edition, lock” and so on. Meanwhile, some of the production models are not sold. < / P > < p > Feng technology has visited several Taobao stores with good reputation in the geek circle. They have taken some non BOC models off the shelves. However, when asking customer service, these big stores also said that they were “waiting for the leader’s notice” to make their next step plans. < / P > < p > needless to say, Taobao’s new regulations are aimed at the familiar “parallel mobile phones”. Due to the advantages of exchange rate and non tax, the price advantage of overseas mobile phones in China is obvious. Although the parallel goods mobile phone users have to bear the risks of Trojan injection, incomplete after-sales and private dismantling of parts, it has become the first choice of the public. In June 2005, TCL, Konka, Xiaxin, ZTE, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers protested against the rampant parallel goods market against the United Nations’ distribution of mobile phones such as Suning and Yongle. The Ministry of industry and information technology also declared that it would rectify the phenomenon of parallel goods. The background of the protest is that China’s parallel mobile phone sales account for one-third of the country’s total mobile phone sales, and the share of domestic mobile phones has dropped sharply from 50% to 30%. < / P > < p > after entering the era of smart phones, the technical advantages of overseas brands make consumers who want to taste fresh bear higher prices, and the proportion of parallel mobile phones is also further increased. According to the data of the Internet Consumption Research Center, in 2011, the share of domestic parallel goods mobile phones reached an average of 47.3%, higher than 45.9% of the commercial goods (the rest of the data are fake machines or unknown sources). Even Nokia, which had the most complete domestic channels at that time, still had 39% of its domestic market share of parallel goods. < / P > < p > the strong sales of parallel mobile phones not only drive the gray industry chain of hardware such as maintenance and private dismantling, but also accelerate the popularity of domestic software to a certain extent. According to a report quoted by the Shenzhen Software Industry Association, UC browser cooperates with Huaqiangbei to establish software promotion for parallel mobile phones. 360 has also contacted some brushing teams, and even Tencent has participated in it, and has developed a “brushing package”: QQ, Tencent microblog and security assistant are bound when swiping, and the promotion fee for each mobile phone is 3 yuan, but Tencent is very good Quickly denied contact with the brush team. However, with the strong rise of domestic brand technology in recent years, the after-sales and price of domestic mobile phones have occupied an absolute advantage, and the domestic parallel goods market, which has been rampant for more than ten years, has lost its foothold. Hong Kong Version, lock and other words began to return to the minority, for online shopping platform, the regulatory risk of parallel cargo machine also began to exceed the distribution profit. Software manufacturers have also cooperated with domestic brands to promote system pre installation. < / P > < p > at present, the main positions of parallel goods and production machines have gradually moved to second-hand platforms, because the supervision there is relatively lax. According to the sales volume and review data under the product introduction, these mobile phones which have been shut down for two years still have good sales. < p > < p > although Taobao’s announcement is strong, it’s a little too late: the iPhone is the most serious problem of parallel goods nowadays, while Apple issued an article just a month ago to seriously rectify the problem of channel collusion and strengthen channel control. < / P > < p > for the apple powder that hopes to buy iPhone at a low price, the form has become more and more difficult in recent years: in July 2019, apple suddenly blocked the most perfect iccid card cracking method, and almost all the locked iPhones in the world could not be used normally; apple also began to strictly implement the different warranty policies of the mobile iPhone, the Australian Version and the Hong Kong version The stores are no longer as talkative as they used to be. < p > < p > Feng Technology believes that the ban on parallel products produced by Taobao is of course due to the issue of platform supervision and interests. However, with the increasing control of brands such as apple in China, it is difficult not to believe that there is no big factory brand behind the ban on platform parallel goods. < / P > < p > in addition to brand negotiation, the pressure from policy can not be ignored. In the past two years, Shenzhen Customs has significantly increased the customs clearance and inspection efforts against “Backpackers”, and some famous stores in Huaqiangbei, such as Feiyang times, Longsheng, Yuanwang and Seg, have also been affected. As an important participant in the online sale of parallel goods, Taobao also has the responsibility to clean up the parallel goods. < / P > < p > however, the sales volume of iPhone 12 is still strong, and Taobao is not the only e-commerce platform, not to mention the strong rise of second-hand platforms. The story of parallel mobile phones can not be ended with a single ban. From the perspective of Feng Technology, although the number of users of “card machines” in major digital forums is small, the topic persistence is not weaker than that of mobile phones, and the demand for parallel mobile phones is still strong. < / P > < p > and from the previous experience of Taobao game platform, it can be concluded that Taobao’s “ban order” still has the possibility of circumvention. At present, Taobao’s ban is only the explicit expression of the non bank of China Version, and merchants can still use the form of code to put on the shelves of parallel goods mobile phones. Taobao’s animal forest, GTA series and battlefield series are all banned objects, but it is still the first platform for many players to buy games. However, it is difficult to determine that the scope of influence of Taobao’s “parallel goods ban” will not expand in the future. Although the sales of parallel mobile phones can be ignored, the problem of parallel sales of video games, cosmetics and other categories is still normal. From the interests of Taobao, it is difficult to give up the sales brought by these platforms, but strictly according to the policy, they are destined to belong to the grey area. < p > < p > Feng Technology believes that although Taobao’s ban on parallel goods makes parallel mobile phones more “off the table”, it can’t really destroy the vitality of parallel goods themselves. After countless times of fierce competition, the surviving parallel merchants have established stable channels and customer groups, and these “private domain traffic” will not be extinct because of a piece of official document. It is absolutely not supervision that can put an end to the phenomenon of parallel goods, only the product itself. < / P > < p > but Feng technology is also pessimistic about the future of parallel products: with the gradual tightening of policies and brand supervision, parallel products have gradually become a burden that has more advantages than disadvantages for the e-commerce platform. The collapse of Huaqiangbei and Zhongguancun also represents the gradual elimination of gray industry in the era of smart phones. When online and offline are strictly restricted, parallel merchants should also consider washing their hands. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen