According to foreign media reports, before the founding of apple computer company in 1976, apple founders Steve Wozniak and Steve jobs once engaged in the short-term and illegal business of producing and selling mobile phone stealing and tapping devices. Today, an original circuit board that Wozniak handmade for the first generation of “blue boxes” in 1972 will be auctioned for between $8000 and $12000. < / P > < p > the blue box, designed by Wozniak, is Lennon & McCartney’s first collaboration in the digital age. The blue boxes sold from about 40 (Wozniak’s estimate) to 100 (Jobs’s estimate) for $170 each. At that time, they were almost arrested by the police. Obviously, the company closed down. But that’s not a big deal for Wozniak and jobs, because they only need a day to make a box, and the cost of parts accounts for most of the price, and the risk / return ratio is seriously against the illegality of the product. Wozniak jobs’ blue box is undoubtedly innovative, and it is also the world’s first digital hacker tool. In an interview in 1995, Jobs said of the blue box: “we were so fascinated by them that Waltz and I came up with a way to make a blue box. We built the best one in the world; the world’s first digital blue box. We will give them to our friends and use them ourselves. You know, the people you want to call soon are gone. But it’s amazing that two teenagers can build this box with $100 worth of parts and control the $10 billion infrastructure of the entire telephone network around the world This experience has taught us the power of ideas. If you can build this box, then you can control the world’s 10 billion dollars, which is a very powerful thing. If we didn’t make blue boxes, there would be no apples. ” < p > < p > because the blue box is extremely illegal, it will be confiscated and destroyed when it is found by the authorities, so there is little known left. One of them, the computer history museum in mountain view, California, was auctioned off in 2017 and sold for $125000. < / P > < p > the item to be auctioned on November 5 is nothing more than a circuit board in a blue box, but since it is made by Wozniak and there are few known preserved items, it may sell for more than $125000, even though the estimated price is only $8000 to $12000. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia