This year, not everyone will see the full moon on Halloween, but people in the United States and many other countries will. Places that will miss the full moon on October 31 include central Australia, eastern Australia, New Zealand, eastern Indonesia, New Guinea, Japan, Fiji or eastern Russia. Jeffrey hunt, an astronomy educator and former curator of the planetarium, said: “every time zone has one, except for the time zone east of (GMT) + 8, if they have daylight saving time, or (GMT) + 9 has no DST.” < / P > < p > the last time a full moon was visible worldwide was in 1944. Since the full moon will be very bright, anyone can see it, whether in the countryside or in the city with lights. After Halloween 2020, the next global full moon to appear on this festival will be 2039. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days