Community group buying has developed in the second and third tier cities. It is different from the traditional e-commerce. It adopts the mode of pre purchase and self collection, and gradually penetrates into the towns and villages. Take Xingsheng preferred Hunan as an example, more than 60% of its orders come from villages and towns and rural areas below. The layout of the sinking market has surpassed the traditional e-commerce platform. At the beginning of December, we visited Tianhua village in Changsha, Hunan Province and dingwan village in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In the process, we found that even though the same coverage areas of community group buying were different in terms of platform loyalty, logistics distribution and team leader’s enthusiasm. < / P > < p > the rural market is really charming, but it is also full of traps. The head advantage established in a certain village or town may not be brought by another village or town. The population, culture, economy and traffic between villages will also affect the promotion of group buying. < / P > < p > the 7-meter wide county road is the only road leading to Tianhua village in Hunan Province. After repeatedly passing through small woods, wasteland and two-story buildings with similar appearance, we finally arrived in front of Yuan Yu’s house. If there is no shop on the side of the village where the villagers are less than 41 years old, it is the one side of the village where the villagers are close to Tianhua village. But now, the best selling items in the store are betel nuts and drinks. < / P > < p > she is used to sitting behind the cash register to charge her mobile phone and receive the latest news from wechat. The message contained the names and telephone numbers of some store owners. Yuan Yu copied the list to the list and called the people on the list one by one. She wants to explain to the people on the list what is a community group buying, what the head of the team should do, and how to complete the registration application. < p > < p > the expansion competition of local store managers has been very fierce. Yuan Yu’s goal is to go to other provinces and cities. Two thick registers on the cash register record the information of store managers in Fujian and Shanxi respectively. < / P > < p > community group buying has changed the shopping mode of the whole Tianhua village villagers, placing an order in wechat group one day in advance, and then delivering it to the pick-up point at the villagers’ door the next day. Compared with the five kilometer e-commerce platform of Tianhua Town, the former one can only take one product from the center of Tianhua. < p > < p > now Yuan Yu is not only a shopkeeper of a small roadside shop, but also the leader and “development” of prosperity. In addition to acting as a self-help point, she is also responsible for developing store owners in other cities, so that they can become the leader of the platform. < p > < p > the store’s business has been seriously impacted by e-commerce and group buying. However, Yuan Yu convinced himself and other shopkeepers that “there is no way to affect the business. This is the trend now. If you don’t do it, others will do it.” < p > < p > What Yuan Yu has always regretted is that it did not become a prosperous and preferred development earlier. Two years ago, her family opposed her going to other places. They always felt that it was unsafe outside. “Now, I can’t stop me. Is it a bit silly to make money or not?” < p > < p > prosperity and optimization every time we enter a region, we need Yuan Yu’s development to go deep into the local area to promote and expand new leaders. The company believes that shopkeepers like Yuan Yu can better understand the considerations and concerns of other shopkeepers, and they are more likely to gain trust from each other in the same discourse system. < / P > < p > the reward given by the platform to “development” is a rebate. A part of the revenue generated by future orders of the new team leader will be allocated to the development. According to Yuan Yu’s own estimation, by the end of this year, she will be able to do nothing. She will get a fixed salary of tens of thousands of yuan a month from Xingsheng, which is far higher than the local average. The median monthly salary of Beijing just announced by Sina Finance and economics is only 6906 yuan. < / P > < p > although he didn’t disclose how much income he can earn each month, Yuan Yu gave the Internet Arena (ID: internet war) a higher standard of reference, “I didn’t develop them in the early stage, they (Development) all cost more than 90000 yuan a month.” < p > < p > after the development, the business of only doing the head of the team could no longer attract her. She developed her sister-in-law, Zhang Hui, to join the group leader of Xingsheng group. Because the two families are familiar with each other, many of the guests who originally placed orders in Yuan Yu’s house have transferred to Zhang Hui’s. At least one information point was provided for the head of the village committee in the area of < p > and Taohua village committee. According to the Changsha Evening News, Tianhua village has 24 villager groups with 1128 households and a population of 3167. < p > < p > assuming that a group leader can provide services to a hundred people, according to the number of heads of Tianhua village, at least 2000 families can be provided with services, which is twice the actual number of registered permanent residence in Tianhua village. At 9:30 a.m. on December 3, it was still raining in Tianhua village. Zhang Hui got up early in the morning and drove to Xingsheng preferred warehouse near the village in the rain. This is the habit of many regiments. Instead of waiting for the platform to deliver, it is better to go and pick it up by himself. < / P > < p > the delivery on the platform has always been in sequence. Sometimes it is too late to wait for the vegetables ordered by many people to be served before noon. All morning, Zhang Hui drove a car to deliver goods to customers in the village, saying that they were customers, but they were actually familiar neighbors. < / P > < p > the elderly don’t know how to read mobile phones, but they know the leader. Buy Jeans, coral velvet pajamas, electrical appliances, all do not understand, you can find the team leader to place an order. Zhang Hui handled a lot of similar orders, from placing an order to trying it on, and then returning or replacing the goods if she was not satisfied. The service runs through the whole purchase process. < p > < p > in Zhang Hui’s opinion, the main reason why group buying in communities can be popularized in rural areas is that it is convenient to return goods, and people have no worries about buying things. Tianhua village is a place where a large number of transactions are still completed through cash. It is actually against the habits of most middle-aged and elderly people to buy invisible vegetables and fruits online. If you want to place an order, you need to rely on the head of the team and the return service. < p > < p > compared with the development, the Commission of the head of the team is more transparent. Ten points are deducted from an order. According to Zhang Hui’s current order volume of 500-600 a month, the average price of customer order is 10 yuan, and Zhang Hui’s commission is about 500-600 yuan a month. < p > < p > Zhang Hui is still a novice, and a skilled team leader can exceed 4500 orders per day. The more senior head of the village showed his income in prosperity in the past two years, totaling 160000 yuan, with an average of 6700 yuan per month. < p > < p > one view is that the rise of the group buying business of Xingsheng in Hunan depends on the Furong Xingsheng convenience store, which is densely distributed in Changsha by the founder Yue Lihua. < p > < p > as the leader, Li Jing is also the superior of Yuan Yu in prosperity. He is responsible for assigning tasks to Yuan Yu and tracking the follow-up progress. People who enter the store call him “boss” because he started group buying first and then transformed into development. Now it’s “operation”, operating his development, “responsible for holding meetings and conveying the opinions above.”. < / P > < p > he doesn’t know how many development he has connected with. In addition to Tianhua village, Sichuan, Hubei, Guangxi and other development areas have been developed. Many people have not met up to now, and they all rely on wechat and telephone. The list that Yuan Yu extracts every day is from Li Jing. These lists are distributed by the platform and are personal information left on the platform by store managers who actively apply to settle in Xingsheng’s preferred stores all over the country. < / P > < p > < p > “active application for settlement” is normal in the area where group buying has already spread out. The shopkeeper will watch other shopkeepers in the area settle down on the platform, and will follow the voice, and make a self-help point in his own store to stabilize the final passenger flow. No matter between operation and development, or between development and team leader, the temptation of “future interests” is always put in the first place, but the necessary ideological work has never been absent. Her circle of friends is even more dedicated than the PR Manager of Xingsheng. Almost all the articles on the we media that are good for Xingsheng can be seen in her circle of friends. There are still several short videos in Yuan Hua’s mobile phone. She shows us a short video that says: a certain platform is testing water to let the rider become the team leader and replace the leader’s position; another short video is written by Du Zijian, a well-known marketing researcher, who uses his consistent style to dismantle the relationship between physical stores and e-commerce. < p > < p > they are not neighbors or relatives with each other. If one person holds the prosperity preferred wealth code, then everyone can choose to follow him. Fei Xiaotong’s explanation of this kind of relationship in “native China” is that “the credit of local society does not attach importance to the contract, but comes from being familiar with the rules of a kind of behavior to the reliability without thinking about it.” < p > < p > Yuan Yu always subconsciously recommends Xingsheng optimization and attracts all possible leaders. Zhang Hui mentions that her classmates are “Taobao customers” in Yuan Yu’s store. Yuan Yu immediately asks, “does she have a group?” then she takes Zhang Hui’s mobile phone and sends a voice to the other party, “pro, are you interested in doing Xingsheng optimization?” < / P > < p > maybe it is because of the concentration of orders in Tianhua village. Behind Li Jing’s Furong Xingsheng store, there is a grid warehouse of prosperity preferred in Tianhua village, in which goods in and out are at least 5000 to tens of thousands. Peng Haixiang’s wife is responsible for the daily management of the warehouse. She carries an order in and out of the warehouse early in the morning. Her two sons set out to the central warehouse of Xingsha (Changsha County) every night to transport goods. When to load and when to return, sometimes one trip can not be finished, and they have to go to the second time overnight. < / P > < p > transportation can only take place at night. Customers can place orders on the platform from the whole day to 11 o’clock in the night. For orders generated within 23 hours, they need to complete the transfer, transportation, sorting, distribution and other work in less than 10 hours. < / P > < p > the goods will be transported to the grid warehouse for the last sorting, and the staff of the grid warehouse will pack the goods according to the order of the team leader. Zhang Hui used to help sort the goods in the warehouse, 7 cents for an order. From four or five in the morning, I have to work until ten in the morning or even later, but I only earn 40 yuan. < / P > < p > this is also where group buying platforms such as Xingsheng optimization are different from traditional e-commerce. In theory, group buying can have unlimited SKUs. In fact, in a limited time, the platform can only select high-frequency daily necessities to complete the rapid delivery of goods in limited time. < / P > < p > there are not many special features in the grid warehouse. After entering the warehouse, several columns of blue cargo boxes are stacked in order. Each box is divided into a printed order map, which details the order information of the team leader and the team leader. The first thing Zhang Hui did to get the goods from the warehouse was to check the goods one by one according to the order information. < p > < p > the whole Tianhua village seems to be connected with the prosperity and optimization. But 38 kilometers away, meituan’s grid warehouse in Changsha county is completely different, more open but longer operation time. Like Xingsheng, the entire warehouse is occupied by blue cargo boxes. < / P > < p > each team leader is a number in the sorter’s hand, which is arranged on the ground according to the size of the number. The sorter enters the warehouse at 12 o’clock at night to punch in, and then begins to wait for messages on the mobile phone. The system will be different