According to the independent, a deckman recovered the iPhone x six days after it fell into the sea and found it could still be used. Ben Scofield is a deck worker working on a museum ship called “Lady of the rich.”. Recently, he accidentally dropped the 1000 pound iPhone x into the bottom of the harbor about 15 meters deep. He contacted friends to try to find his mobile phone by diving, but failed to find it. Finally, Ben had to wait for the tide to ebb nearly a week later.

when the sea water receded, he finally found his iPhone x, which was covered with mud and was totally different. But amazingly, the phone started to vibrate in his hand after six days underwater, with 3% of the battery remaining.

Ben said he cleaned the phone, cleaned the sand and gravel from the charging port, and then dried the phone. According to their estimates, the sand at the bottom of the port is likely to fill the charging port, which protects the phone from water damage.

the IP67 waterproof grade of the iPhone x should only protect the mobile phone from staying in the water within one meter of water depth for 30 minutes. Now it seems that it is feasible to put the phone under the sea for 6 days in a specific environment.