“Total War: Warhammer 2” finally met with the majority of Warhammer fans on September 29. As the second part of the first non historical “medieval Warhammer” trilogy in the total war series, the previous work “Total War: Warhammer” has won a number of high media scores (gamespot 9 / 10, PC gamer 86 / 100, ign) 6 / 10), which is a satisfactory answer for the players.

So what surprises will total war hammer 2 bring us?

The first game supports simplified Chinese

Compared with the previous work, the most intuitive change is that we can clearly find that the game first supports simplified Chinese, and the quality of Chinese is also very satisfactory, which makes people forget the previous generation’s delay in Chinese. If you are the first time to contact this series of players, the detailed novice teaching of the game will also let you have a comprehensive understanding of the whole Warhammer world. And all this is due to the first time of Chinese content.

The famous RTS game total war series has a relatively complex system. Although CA has simplified the construction of internal affairs, the game of total war, which is a real-time strategy + turn strategy game, still needs to contact the players of this series for the first time. It takes a lot of time to figure it out, not to mention the complicated world view of medieval Warhammer With sinicization, such a good game may make many people miss it.

Set up a complete game system

Different from a generation, this time the story begins around the “great whirlpool”. For their own continuity and immediate crisis, the four races rush to the battlefield under the leadership of their respective legendary Lords. This time, the number of races on the stage is a little less, mainly four races: high elves, dark elves, lizards and mice. Each race has two legendary Lords. There are eight lords in the game. Each race has one Lord for newcomers. The other hero’s campaign has no textbooks and is more difficult and professional.

Each race has its own distinctive characteristics, which can bring players a completely different game experience. For example, it has become a very popular tactic for the rat man, who is currently rated as the strongest, to brush the rebels with the low maintenance cost of slave rats in the middle and later stages of the game. That’s why players can always meet it on the ladder. CA has always been “a generation of patches, a generation of God” in this work has not changed much. Generally speaking, the balance of the game is still maintained in a delicate place. It is also possible that people have not developed IMBA playing methods of other races.

It is worth mentioning that after the release of the game, the first generation of game players and new players will be able to play all the battles in the two games. CA is more generous in this aspect, but with so many forces in Warhammer world, it is not difficult to find out how many DLCs CA will launch in the future.

Compared with the previous work, the evolutionary range is small

The last generation of “total war hammer” has greatly improved the series. With the addition of flying units, monsters, heroes, chaos invasion, magic attack and other systems, the world’s major media have greatly praised the old series of new wine in old bottles. All kinds of praise are in the air. After the last round of praise, the second work is of course a comprehensive inheritance, but the consequences are obvious.

After the appearance of Total War Warhammer 2, although it inherits all the advantages of the previous work, there is no other special innovation. It only makes some changes in the aspect of ethnic forces, which is more like the large-scale information of the previous work. The only thing that can bring new ideas to players is the unique internal affairs system designed for different races.

But even so, it can be found that there are many Chinese Warhammer fans flocking to this game. It can be seen that this game really has the charm to let the players who are interested in Warhammer world continue to play. After all, the overall quality of the game is still acceptable. As long as it’s fun, who cares too much about evolution? It’s a game, not evolution.


“Total war hammer 2” has landed on steam platform on September 29. As the second work of the highly praised total war hammer trilogy, this game can be said to inherit the previous “total war” All the advantages of Warhammer, although the scuffle of the four races is not much innovative compared with the previous one, the overall quality of the game is still acceptable, reflecting a steady and stable game. Generally speaking, it is still a game that makes Warhammer fans excited. Look forward to the future DLC can make this game more exciting.