The reporter learned from the University of science and technology of China that the academician team of Guo guangcan of the university has made important progress in the research of high-dimensional quantum communication. The team’s research group Li Chuanfeng and Liu biheng and Professor Marcus Huber of Austria have jointly realized a high fidelity 32 dimensional quantum entangled state for the first time. The results lay an important foundation for further realizing various high-dimensional quantum information processes and studying the basic problems of quantum physics in high-dimensional systems. It is reported that the results were published in the international well-known journal Physical Review express on August 28. The co first authors are Dr. Hu Xiaomin, a special associate researcher of the Key Laboratory of quantum information, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xing Wenbo, a doctoral candidate. Compared with two-dimensional system, high-dimensional quantum entangled states have great advantages in channel capacity. However, to show this advantage, we must realize the preparation, transmission and measurement of high fidelity and high dimensional quantum entangled states. Previously, the orbital angular momentum, time or frequency degrees of freedom of photons have been widely used in optical systems, but no system has been able to solve the difficulties in the preparation, transmission and measurement of high-dimensional quantum entangled states at the same time. < p > < p > Li Chuanfeng, Liu biheng and others started to use the path freedom of photons to code in 2016, and made a series of achievements. The research group has also worked with Professor Marcus Huber of Austria to theoretically provide an efficient method for the authentication of high-dimensional entangled states. < / P > < p > “for a 32 dimensional entangled state, a complete quantum state tomography technique requires one million measurements to determine the information of the quantum state, while this method only needs 1000 measurements to complete.” Li Chuanfeng said that the final research group realized 32 dimensional quantum entangled state in experiment, and its fidelity was 0.933. The 32 dimensional high-dimensional entangled state dimension has created the highest level in the world. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”