According to foreign media reports, back in November 2019, to everyone’s surprise, Google announced the purchase of Fitbit, a wearable device manufacturer, for $2.1 billion. Since then, the deal has gone through several stages, such as the European Commission’s (EC) investigation on antitrust issues. Despite these obstacles, Google is optimistic about completing the acquisition by the end of this year. < p > < p > according to ZDNet, Australian regulators have released the draft commitment submitted by Google and are now seeking feedback from relevant parties in the public. The commitment limits Google from using user data from Fitbit and its future wearable devices for advertising purposes on its own platform for 10 years. The undertaking can be enforced by the court. This time frame can be extended for another 10 years if ACCC considers it necessary. In addition, Google must provide specific user data to third-party health apps and ensure that they are compatible with Android phones within the next 10 years. “We are concerned that Google’s acquisition of Fitbit will enable Google to build a more comprehensive set of user data, thereby further consolidating its position and increasing entry barriers for potential competitors,” said rod Sims, ACCC chairman < / P > < p > the promise aims to limit Google’s potential anti competitive behavior and prevent it from using the user data obtained from the acquisition to enhance its targeted advertising capabilities. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days