It was originally predicted that the sales volume of Apple’s airpods series products would reach 60 million in 2019 and 82 million in 2020. Therefore, the company’s wireless headset products will continue the strong momentum since its launch in 2016. < p > < p > in a research report, Guo Mingzhen said the airpods family’s shipment volume was not very optimistic, and the shipment volume was lower than previously predicted. Guo predicted that sales in the next six months would drop by about 5% – 10% year-on-year, one of the reasons for the decline may be related to the delay in the listing of airpods 3. It has been reported that Apple will release airpods 3 in the first half of next year, but now it seems that the release of airpods 3 may be postponed to April to June next year. It is said that PO3, similar to the design of pod3, will increase the battery life of pods. < / P > < p > the decline in Apple’s airpods family shipment may be due to the delay of Apple’s high-end earphone airpods studio. According to previous reports, airpods studio will be released this year, but it has been delayed to 2021, possibly due to the comfort of metal headbands. < p > < p > the launch of airpods studio means that apple can finally compete with Sony, Bose and other headphone manufacturers in the high-end market, but it seems that we have to wait until next year. In addition, apple is expected to launch a redesigned MacBook Pro Model with apple M1 processor, which will be equipped with 14.1-inch and 16 inch displays, and will be available in early 2021. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract