As an industry leader in the field of hybrid, Toyota has been widely concerned. Recently, it was reported that Toyota decided to provide its Chinese joint venture partner, GAC, with a technical system for hybrid electric vehicles. < / P > < p > the latest news shows that Toyota will provide a “complete set of ths hybrid system”. In other words, the open technology is the second. According to the relevant documents of China automotive industry information network, Toyota will provide GAC with the core system of hybrid electric vehicle, and it is not part of the technology and part of the patent authorization, but a complete set of hybrid system. In the future, GAC will directly adopt a complete set of hybrid system from Toyota. < / P > < p > this also means that GAC can save the whole process of redevelopment and matching, and directly use the whole set of Toyota hybrid system, which not only speeds up the progress of new car launch, but also hopes to achieve more ideal fuel saving effect. Currently, blue nexus, a Japanese company that develops and supplies hybrid power systems, has reached an agreement with GAC on technology transfer. Blue nexus is a joint venture between Toyota, Denso and Aisin. Previously, the company has shared the hybrid technology with Mazda, Subaru and other Japanese partners of Toyota. < / P > < p > so far, there has been no positive response on Toyota’s hybrid technology to GAC. However, according to the sources, GAC hybrid electric products with Toyota ths system will be launched in 2021. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia