Acer today announced six new game displays, four of which belong to the predator and two to the nitro line. In addition, the company has launched a prosumer display for professional and mainstream consumers, featuring eyesafe certification. First of all, three new products of Acer predictor XB3 series, xb273u NV, xb253q GW and xb323u GX, look very similar. < / P > < p > xb273u is one of the eyesafe certified XB3 visioncare displays, which means it can filter out harmful blue light while maintaining clear and vivid color quality, and the display can automatically change brightness and color temperature according to ambient light. < p > < p > unfortunately, Acer didn’t share too many details about cbl272u, only knowing that it had obtained eyesafe certification, mainly for professionals and mainstream consumer groups. < / P > < p > it uses a 27 inch @ 1440p IPS panel covering 99% sRGB gamut (16.7 million colors). The reference VRB response time is 1ms, but the 75Hz refresh rate is difficult to meet the needs of high-end game players. Privacy Policy