Acer has just released a new ultra wide 4K display. It is cb342ckc omegaline uw-qhd with 34 inch panel, uwqhd resolution (3440 × 1440 pixels) and 21:9 aspect ratio. In addition to response times as low as 1-ms, the monitor also supports AMD’s freesync adaptive refresh rate (up to 75Hz) to help eliminate image tearing or jamming. < / P > < p > the 34 inch Acer cb342ckc omegaline offers unparalleled productivity space compared to the 1080p small screen available in ordinary offices. < / P > < p > supplemented with 1000:1 contrast, maximum brightness of 400 CD / m2, horizontal / vertical viewing angle of 178 ° and support of tilt angle and height adjustment (max. 150 mm). In terms of connectivity, cb343ckc provides two HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort, and two Port USB 3.1 type-A hubs. And all ports and cables can be hidden on the back of the monitor to keep your desktop clean. Global Tech