As part of Twitter’s second quarter revenue report, twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey told analysts today: CNN reported that Twitter may try some different methods within the year, such as allowing users to pay for certain unique or high standard content.

obviously, Twitter is still in the early stages of exploring different options. But earlier this month, the company revealed a so-called “Gryphon” subscription platform in a job advertisement.

like most of its competitors, twitter focuses on free social network services, and now it mainly relies on advertising to make profits.

due to the continuous impact of the public health crisis caused by the new coronavirus, the decline of advertisers’ expenditure has had a direct impact on the revenue of social networks and other websites and services. For example, Twitter’s advertising revenue in the second quarter was $562 million, down 23% from the same period in 2019.

prior to the company’s revenue report, last week’s “bitcoin scam” hacking incident also attracted outside attention. The investigation said the attacker managed to gain access to the company’s employees’ internal systems, resulting in the publication of fraud information under the accounts of many celebrities and enterprises.