Since February 15, local time, the southern United States has been hit by Blizzard, and the power system has been affected first. In Texas, where there was little snowfall in the past, sudden heavy snowfall led to a massive power outage. Some game studios in Texas were also affected, and a large number of studios were forced to shut down.


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EA, Aspyr media, certain affinity and owlchemy labs all said they would suspend business in Texas for a week, foreign media Kotaku reported. Even though many employees work at home because of COVID-19, the situation is unbearable for the studio.

A spokesman for EA said: “persistent bad weather and widespread blackout have led us to temporarily close EA’s studio in Austin, giving priority to the safety of these employees and their families. During this period, EA’s other studios are still in operation, and Austin studio is given support. We don’t want the player’s experience to be affected by this. We put our team in the first place and will continue to conduct daily health checks on our employees, assess their safety, and provide support and resources in any way. “

It’s worth noting that EA employs more than 700 people in Texas. The EA spokesman said the resources they provided included hotel accommodation for employees facing “extreme situations” and “emergency supplies and transportation for employees in urgent need of rescue.”.

A Activision Blizzard spokesman told Kotaku in an email that they offered paid leave to employees so that they could “give priority to themselves and their families.”. Activision Blizzard also has a park in Austin. “This has affected Blizzard’s customer support response time to a certain extent,” the spokesman added

According to people familiar with the matter, gearbox, the developer of landless, has not stopped operations, although work in some areas almost completely stalled earlier this week. After the initial difficulties, gearbox has “asked our team to give priority to themselves and their families,” according to an email from a company spokesman.