According to reports, after Google was fined $9.7 billion in three antitrust cases, an EU official finally said something nice to the Internet giant. Olivier guersent, head of the European Commission’s antitrust division, told the outside world on Wednesday that Google was “a good, positive development” by offering consumers more choices in shopping search results. < / P > < p > smaller shopping search service providers complain that Google is not fully compliant with the 2017 law, which requires competitor search results to be included in product ads above search results. But the number of competitors appearing in Google’s shopping ads has increased significantly, compared with zero before the European Union took action in 2017, according to a recent online meeting of regulators. The EU’s role is to stop anti competitive behaviour and restore a level playing field in the market, rather than allowing a competitor to win more business or get compensation, he warned. “For us, the goal of any action is to re-establish competition,” he said “I don’t think there is any authority in the world that can ensure that a particular market competition results, and I don’t think we should even think about it.” Privacy Policy