Microsoft’s inclusion of all game IP and studios of group B has really brought a huge impact on Sony Playstation, and also caused a huge chain reaction to the industry. This acquisition can completely make “star sky” and “ancient scroll 6” not landing on the PS platform. This possibility does not exist. In the face of Microsoft’s “aggressiveness”, foreign fans called on Sony to make corresponding counterattack and purchase other developers. One of the most popular suggestions given by fans on twitter was Sony’s acquisition of Japanese game manufacturer Konami. < / P > < p > Konami has some of the most iconic game IP in the history of video games, including alloy gear, devil City, silent hill and so on. There have been rumors that Sony intends to buy Konami’s three IP games, but later nothing has been achieved. Later, it came out that Sony and Konami reached a cooperation, allowing Sony Japan studio to develop the ps5 exclusive game silent ridge. Whether the truth is true or not, frequent rumors are enough to show the strong cooperative relationship between Sony and Konami, which can theoretically become something more substantial. Sony has previously said it will acquire more studios, but the question is whether Sony is willing to buy such a large-scale manufacturer as group B like Microsoft. Microsoft’s acquisition of group B is interpreted as a huge strategic move of Microsoft, which has completely changed the pattern of next generation host war. Skip to content