It was reported on November 24 that in July this year, Xiaobing announced its separation from Microsoft, and Shen Xiangyang, the former global executive vice president of Microsoft, became the chairman of Xiaobing company. Today, Xiaobing, a spin off and independent company, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Microsoft China. Shuangguang has jointly launched a series of artificial intelligence + cloud computing commercialization solutions for customers in key tob industries. < / P > < p > the first batch of solutions jointly launched by Microsoft and Xiaobing will cover three vertical fields, namely, artificial intelligence finance, artificial intelligence automobile and artificial intelligence content production. < p > < p > Xiaobing is a complete set of basic framework of artificial intelligence interaction subject oriented to the whole interaction process, including core dialogue engine, multiple interactive senses, triggering of third-party content and generation of first-party content, and cross platform deployment solution. Relevant leading technologies cover natural language processing, computer voice, computer vision and artificial intelligence content generation The field of intelligence. The framework is the most mature and largest framework in the world, and its total interaction amount accounts for about 60% of the global AI interaction. < p > < p > the Xiaobing project was established in the Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute at the end of 2013. It adopts the method of intergenerational updating, improves its basic framework structure year by year, and realizes large-scale cross platform deployment, multimodal interaction, full duplex voice interaction, and artificial intelligence creativity including text creation, sound creation and visual creation. In many countries around the world, Xiaobing’s single brand has covered 660 million online users, 450 million third-party intelligent devices and 900 million content viewers. On July 13, 2020, Xiaobing was separated from Microsoft and developed independently. < / P > < p > the artificial intelligence commercialization solution jointly launched by Microsoft China and Xiaobing company will adopt Microsoft Intelligent Cloud azure as the cloud computing operation platform to serve the Chinese and global markets, integrate the perfect artificial intelligence interactive experience into the typical application scenarios of key industries, and satisfy customers by creating replicable, promotable and growing solutions Diversified needs of customers to promote business model transformation and innovation. Global Tech