According to foreign media the verge, by the end of March, every client of Kat Ferguson had cancelled or postponed their wedding. Her company little creek events plans to host 20 receptions in the spring and early summer of 2020. But in the wake of the new crown pandemic, they were all cancelled. “I reflected,” she said. “I became very quiet on instagram. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to release relevant information. When people cancel weddings, I can’t post about weddings. ” < / P > < p > Ferguson’s company is located in O’Hare, California, an art Mecca at the foot of the topatopa mountain near Santa Barbara. Before the outbreak, couples from all over the world flew there to hold events. The number of weddings ranges from 120 to 180, and the 75 person event is small for Ferguson’s business. However, with the spread of the epidemic in the United States, everything has changed. < / P > < p > Ferguson watched as a couple began to choose to marry in court, in a low-key ceremony, with little resemblance to their original planned celebration. She even had a client get married at the Honda Center, which has held wedding ceremonies since April. &Honda Center! With that tacky background! &Quot; Ferguson said. < / P > < p > then, a venue called to say that couples were booking their “elopement” space, and Ferguson had a new idea. “I thought, let’s do what people ask for,” she said. “People want to elope, but they don’t want to sacrifice all the style.” < / P > < p > Ferguson’s new business, the reimagined embedding, specializes in these activities – these ceremonies at a meditation center in Ojai are perfect for photo sharing on social media such as instagram, with pale pink flowers, wicker chairs and a well positioned cactus garden. “For all intents and purposes, it works like a Wedding Church in Las Vegas,” Ferguson said. “But the difference is that it’s beautiful.” < / P > < p > for a price range from $2800 to $4300, couples get a full package elopement package that fully meets the covid-19 standard – a maximum of 12 people outdoors. The venue, the emcee, the floral arch, the acoustics – all of which are taken care of. Like photos, they usually look like they were taken before the epidemic. The bride wore a pale pink corolla, and the guests wore cotton masks printed with little daisies. < / P > < p > many couples are still sticking to their marriage date in 2021. But the possibility of resolving the coronavirus crisis in the next few months seems slim. Given this grim reality, it’s refreshing to see a new wedding model emerge that doesn’t try to pretend that the world is the same as it used to be – except, of course, on instagram. < / P > < p > Ferguson may arrange three to five ceremonies a day, with each couple staying at the venue for an hour to an hour and a half. She ensures that people will never see another wedding, so each event feels personal and unique. < / P > < p > initially a trend during the new crown pandemic, it has now become a sustainable business model. Ferguson said she plans to keep the mini wedding going, even after the outbreak is over. “There’s always been demand in the courts, there’s been demand in the Las Vegas chapel,” she said. “It’s for style driven couples. This is a step above the court. This is absolutely a petty bourgeoisie aesthetic. But at least we will never have silk flowers. ” Skip to content