Nowadays, the global epidemic is so serious that many people work remotely from home, watch videos or play games online to kill time. With the popularity of digital games, games are updated frequently, which makes the Internet bear great pressure. After the launch of ps5 and xsx next generation hosts, players who get new hosts begin to download / update games crazily, which also makes the global Internet data flow surge in recent years. According to the foreign media BBC, on November 10, after the xsx / s mainframe was launched, the data demand of the UK Internet soared, setting a new record of data traffic usage. BT set a record of 18tb of traffic per second, while virgin network traffic increased by 30% from last month. Other Internet service providers also experienced similar growth and traffic peaks on Tuesday and Wednesday local time. < / P > < p > according to the official disclosure, the data demand during this period is 11.6% higher than the previous peak, and the ps5 host will also be on sale in the UK by the end of this week, when the major Internet service providers will face a new peak of data traffic. BBC pointed out that in addition to the next generation of hosts, there are also some factors that may affect the usage of data traffic. For example, the update capacity of call of Duty: Modern War / theater is 65gb, the preload capacity of call of duty 17: black action cold war is 130gb, and the player needs to download 65gb. “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of souls” after the release, players need to download 60GB + 8GB (first day patch). < / P > < p > the previous peak data flow is always related to the new season or new works of the call of Duty series. For example, in the fourth season in June and the fifth season in August, there were peak data traffic. Because the launch of the new season requires a lot of downloads, and more than 80 million people are playing “call of Duty: Theater”, it is easy to see this situation. The editor of PSLS in the US media also said that he had used a lot of traffic since he received the ps5 evaluation at the end of October. He even received a notice that “your monthly data limit has reached 95%”, which would never have happened before. Other employees of the company also said that after receiving the ps5 host, they downloaded many games, leading to early use up the monthly data flow limit. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region