Last week, we reported that ifixit and dismantling experts found that swapping the camera modules of two iPhones 12 will lead to a series of problems, such as abnormal zoom, failure of forward photography, prompt panel replacement, etc. if you want to solve these problems, you must use Apple’s repair configuration tool to reprogram. Hugh Jeffreys went a step further. He tried to swap the motherboards of two iPhones 12. Theoretically, there should be no problem, but he didn’t expect that there were a lot of mistakes. < / P > < p > one of the iPhones 12 can’t be charged. After the power is plugged in and turned on, the phone starts to pop up error windows, including face ID can’t work, battery health function is disabled, prompt screen panel is not Apple original, camera function is abnormal, etc. < / P > < p > it seems that Apple has set a very strict maintenance verification procedure for iPhone 12. In addition to finding a genius bar or an authorized provider, it seems very difficult to repair it by itself or find a roadside repair shop to solve it. Privacy Policy