One of the most anticipated features of IOS 14 is that it can replace some default applications with third-party substitutes, such as Apple Mail, which had an embarrassing bug when it was first released. < / P > < p > take email app as an example. If a third-party email app is updated, IOS 14 will no longer keep it as the default app set by users, but will resume using Apple’s own email app. < p > < p > twitter user David Clarke demonstrated that IOS will restore the default app after the Gmail app update, which still exists even in the latest 14.1 release. < / P > < p > since the iPhone was first launched, Apple has been setting default apps for its apps, which always take precedence over any third-party alternatives. No matter which app users choose, if they get a web link in the email, for example, clicking on the link will always start safari. However, since IOS 14, users have been able to specify that such links will be opened in alternative browsers. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract