According to reports, airbnb, a travel and housing rental platform, today updated its IPO (initial public offering) prospectus, setting the IPO price range from $44 to $50 per share, with a maximum financing of $2.6 billion. Airbnb, based in San Francisco, today filed an updated IPO prospectus with the securities and Exchange Commission. Airbnb and some selling shareholders will issue 51.9 million shares at $44 to $50 a share, according to the documents. < / P > < p > this document also addresses a key question: what is the valuation of airbnb as a public company? Based on the upper limit of the offering price range, the market value of airbnb is close to $35 billion. This figure includes employee stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs). < / P > < p > in a financing round in 2017, the highest valuation of airbnb as a private company reached $31 billion. Airbnb was valued at just $18bn in a round of debt and equity securities financing in April. < / P > < p > of course, the IPO valuation and price range of airbnb may still change depending on investors’ demand for its shares during the roadshow in the coming week. < p > < p > a person familiar with the matter said airbnb currently plans to set the IPO price on December 9 and start trading on the NASDAQ Global Select market the next day. Based on $2.6 billion in financing, airbnb’s IPO will become the fourth largest IPO in the United States this year. < p > < p > Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are the co lead consultants for the IPO of airbnb. In addition, Allen & Co, Bank of America, Barclays and Citigroup are also listed as underwriters. < p > < p > airbnb previously announced that it plans to list on Nasdaq, and its prospectus was first published on November 17. The initial disclosure of the prospectus, showing its income and loss before and after the epidemic situation. In its prospectus and application documents, airbnb said that in the nine months ended September 30, the total order volume of airbnb was US $18 billion, a decrease of 40% over the same period of last year, with a net loss of $697 million, compared with $323 million in the same period last year. < / P > < p > airbnb will own three classes of shares: Class A holders will receive one vote per share, while class B Shareholders (including airbnb’s founders and early investors) will receive 20 votes per share. Class H does not vote, mainly for long-term holders. Airbnb’s largest shareholders include Silver Lake and Sixth Street, which invested in the company at the time of the outbreak. Sequoia Capital, founders fund and accel also have significant stakes. Brian Chesky, the founder and CEO of airbnb, and Nathan blecharczyk and Joe gebbia each own about 15% of class B shares. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”