In the four years since the implementation of the agreement to promote fair treatment for users, airbnb claims that 1.4 million people have been banned from using the platform for refusing to sign its unbiased agreement. A spokesman confirmed in an email to Gizmodo that the people were asked to click “accept” on a simple non discriminatory agreement, but they chose to click “no” and decided to give up using the platform. < / P > < p > in 2016, airbnb implemented a short “community commitment” in which all existing users must agree before they can continue to book or create a new account. This is a very simple request. < / P > < p > I agree to respect everyone in the airbnb community – regardless of their race, religion, nationality, nationality, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or age, without any judgment or prejudice. < / P > < p > by agreeing to community commitments, users and landlords must comply with non discriminatory policies that list prohibited practices. To cite just a few examples, the policy stipulates that owners cannot: refuse to book or offer different reception conditions according to the above levels; make threatening remarks; or refuse to accept mobile devices or service animals. < / P > < p > black guests have shared numerous cases of being refused to book based on their avatars, which has triggered the “airbnb while black” label and a number of lawsuits. A pro trump landlord turned down a reservation because the guest was Asian. Another turned down accommodation for a transgender woman who was said to have made them “uncomfortable.”. North Africans were once turned away by French masters. There are numerous examples. < / P > < p > airbnb is unable to provide indicators of the location of 1.4 million users who support discrimination, and how many users are banned because they agree with the community’s commitment but their behavior is contrary to the commitment. < / P > < p > victims often criticize airbnb for being reluctant to take action. After wave after wave of public complaints, the platform has adjusted its policy; in 2018, it began hiding profile photos, which are now only visible after confirmation of booking. At present, it is cooperating with civil rights organizations to carry out a research project to provide reference for future policies. But for now, it is still vague. < / P > < p > in addition, airbnb also promised to explicitly remove members of known and suspected hate groups: it preemptively banned participants from “unite the right” in 2017, as well as participants in the “unite the right” march in 2018 and the Neo Nazi summit in 2019. The company also told Gizmodo last year that it banned more than 60 users identified as members of the dissolved Neo Nazi forum iron March. This week, when a twitter user tagged a screenshot of the so-called “proud boy” and claimed to have reserved airbnb for this weekend’s million Maga parade, airbnb quickly cancelled the reservation (and banned the individuals concerned). < / P > < p > although an airbnb spokesperson was unable to confirm the current number of active users, the company said it had more than 7 million units worldwide. Skip to content