The rumors about Apple airtags intelligent tracker have been on for a long time, but we have not seen the relevant products at the three conferences in the second half of 2020. John Prosser, a technology analyst, speculated that the company might try to hold another event in December, or we may not be able to meet airtag until next year. Apple, it is reported, suggested in IOS 13 code last summer that airtag technology, if it goes well, is expected to be released with IOS 14.3. When Apple first introduced UWB Technology in the iphone11 series of smartphones last year, it was widely known that the company or in the field of intelligent tracker began to compete with rival tier. As early as 2014, Apple has introduced the low-power Bluetooth wireless beacon technology named ibecon in IOS 7 for the first time. The idea is to provide location-based information and services to the iPhone through small, low-cost transmitters. For example, retailers can arrange relevant beacons in the store, and iPhone users can get tips on special prices when they pass by. However, the intelligent tracker technology named airtag has different application scenarios. As with tille’s smart tracking label, you can easily hang it on Keyrings, schoolbags, children’s toys, wallets, passports, or a variety of mobile devices. Unfortunately, the company has not been able to actually release it except for a small amount of patent and spy photos. In a video in April, appleosophy showed users how to clean up iPhone data and restore to factory settings. As a result, an offline search option that enables this device and airtag is shown on the find my page. But Apple may also be equipped with Bluetooth and UWB technology for airtag intelligent tracker because the old iPhone is not equipped with U1 ultra wideband chip, and it is said that the positioning accuracy of 5m and 5-10 cm can be achieved respectively. In the last February, the Japanese blog, macrotakara, quoted anonymous sources as saying airtag was released this autumn and had a completely waterproof feature. As for the truth, it is still to be tested. Skip to content