In the morning news on October 19, Alibaba Group announced today that it plans to invest 28 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 3.6 billion US dollars) to directly and indirectly hold 72% of the shares of Gaoxin retail and become the controlling shareholder. This also means that the digitization of China’s largest supermarket will accelerate again, and the whole supermarket retail industry will usher in the next digital development outlet. In November 2017, Gaoxin retail and Alibaba joined hands. This led to a systematic upgrade of the largest scale, the widest coverage and the largest number of beneficiaries in the history of China’s commercial retail. With the help of Alibaba’s digital ecosystem, it promotes the digitalization of stores and applies the new retail solutions to Gaoxin stores. < p > < p > Alibaba said that 484 stores of RT mart and Auchan supermarket under Gaoxin retail have been fully online, and have access to the shared inventory business of famo, taoxianda and tmall supermarket. All stores provide one hour delivery within 5 km of the store, and 180 stores support half day delivery within 20 km. At the same time, Alibaba said, “we should continue to create new models and new markets, and creatively explore and meet the diversified needs of users. And we should turn the accumulation and experience in the process into the ability of the whole industry, which is even more our responsibility. ” In the half year report of 2020, Gaoxin retail pointed out that the online consumption mentality of consumers was accelerated, and the fresh home business was steadily rising. As of June 30, 2020, the new retail solution provided by Alibaba has boosted the same store sales by 5.7%, and the company’s net profit has increased by 16.8% year on year, bringing nearly 50 million users and nearly 13 million active users to Gaoxin retail. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the digital experience of Alibaba and Gaoxin in the new retail of supermarket stores has been opened to offline supermarkets such as Sanjiang shopping, xinhuadu, Zhongbai, bufenglianhua and Greenland, helping more than 50 supermarket retail brands in China to promote digital transformation. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone