Alibaba cloud game platform paas1.0 was officially unveiled. Alibaba’s cloud game team said that it would fully invest in “new infrastructure” to support industry innovation. Zhuang Zhuoren, vice president of Alibaba group, said that cloud games will become the main scene of personal consumption in 5g era. “What paas1.0 needs to do is to set up platforms for industry partners, deeply cultivate cloud game oriented infrastructure, underlying system software technology and application scenario technology, and integrate such interconnected applications as Ababa E-commerce, finance, service and content, and connect to cloud travel In this new digital consumption scene < / P > < p > cloud game refers to the way that the game runs in the cloud, and after the rendering is compressed, the picture is transmitted to the user through the network. Users will get rid of the dependence on hardware, and “play whenever and wherever you click”, thus bringing a new game experience and a new round of consumption upgrading. After Google launched the cloud game platform stadia last year, Microsoft’s cloud game service has been officially launched recently. < p > < p > according to the introduction, Alibaba cloud game PAAS 1.0 platform is a PAAS for game developers, distribution channels, game engines, terminals, operators and other partners (platform-as-a-service) platform, with the technical and ecological advantages of “high coverage, high stability, high performance”, “low access threshold, low start-up cost, low use cost” and other “three high” and “three low” technology and ecological advantages, combined with a number of preferential measures, helps partners to develop cloud game business faster and cheaper. Manufacturers do not need to buy servers themselves, and flexible billing methods will greatly reduce the threshold of innovation. Alibaba said that the cloud game platform will also boost the birth of more high-quality original Guochao games. < p > < p > alicloud also released the first cloud computer “shadowless”. “Shadowless” can do things that computers can do and things that computers can’t sit on. In the future, everyone will have their own computer in the cloud. According to reports, “shadowless” is a “supercomputer” in the cloud. There is no host in the local area, and there is no shadow of the computer CPU and hard disk. All hardware devices are concentrated in the data center on the cloud. Users only need a C-key the size of a business card, and they can open nearly infinite computing power. < p > < p > Zhang Jianfeng demonstrated on the spot of the release. On a C-key the size of a business card holder, you can access cloud computer services after you log in through fingerprint. Just connect a screen, you can enter the desktop of the exclusive cloud computer, access a variety of applications and files, design modeling, animation rendering and other operations. “Shadowless” supports unlimited capacity expansion. A single application resource can be flexibly expanded to 104 core CPU and 1.5T memory, which can easily meet the needs of high-performance computing. < / P > < p > in addition, “shadowless” supports on-demand configuration of performance, the price of which is half of that of traditional PCs under the same performance. At the same time, it supports unlimited upgrade, and it does not need to be replaced every 3-5 years. Shadowless all data is stored in the cloud, so it is not afraid of computer loss or virus. It enjoys the same level of security protection as Alibaba cloud data center. < p > < p > < p > “shadowless” also uses the “cloud flow” technology developed by Alibaba cloud, which can control the data downlink delay within 70ms under 2K 60Hz blue light quality. In the office environment, the use of the network is very smooth. It is reported that at present, shadowless is only sold to the enterprise office market. Services may be provided to individual users in the future. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia