Today, a number of media disclosed that Alibaba will launch a new business with confidentiality for three years on September 16. Affected by the news, Alibaba Hong Kong shares rose collectively, with Alibaba health’s highest rise of 4.99%. 36kr, the technology media, said that it had obtained confirmation from the channel that Alibaba would indeed announce its new business on Wednesday (September 16), which belongs to a brand-new track. Moreover, it has been kept secret in Alibaba for three years, and few people know it internally. < p > < p > according to relevant data, Alibaba’s important projects are usually carried out secretly for several years. For example, Taobao has been regarded as a competitor by the company’s employees before its appearance. HEMA was kept secret for two years before it was released. < p > < p > affected by the news, the Hong Kong stock market Ali health increased by 4.99%, Ali film increased by 3%, Alibaba rose by 1.22%, and Hong Kong technology stocks generally rose on the same day. Global Tech