As of the end of the Hong Kong stock market, Yuantong Express international shares rose 40.2% to HK $7.15. However, before the big rise, express express international also experienced two consecutive trading days of plummeting. Recently, Yuantong Express announced that Jiaolong group, Yu Huijiao and Zhang Xiaojuan planned to transfer 379 million shares to Alibaba network at RMB 17.406 per share, accounting for 12% of the total shares of the company. The total transfer price is about 6.6 billion yuan. < p > < p > after the transfer, Shanghai Yuantong Jiaolong Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. is still the controlling shareholder of Yuantong. Yu weijiao, founder and chairman of Yuantong, still control more than 41% of the company’s shares and are still the actual controllers of Yuantong express. Privacy Policy