Cdpr officially released a Chinese demonstration of cyberpunk 2077 today (full Chinese dubbing + UI demonstration). The demonstration shows the protagonist V’s plot with Dexter, t-bug and Jack in the box before the mission. Interestingly, the first half of the Chinese version is the male version V, and the second half is the female version v. < p > < p > < p > cyberpunk 2077 is an open world action adventure RPG game, the story is set in the city of night, where strong people are everywhere, the city is flashy and popular body transformation. < / P > < p > you will play an ambitious mercenary who has been transformed and strengthened: V, who is pursuing a unique implant. As long as you get it, you can master the key to immortality. < / P > < p > you can customize the meaning and skills of a character. Explore the all embracing future city building. The choices you make will also have an impact on the story and the world around you. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities