Nissan plans to provide all new models on the market with primary automatic driving function as standard. High configuration vehicles can drive automatically on expressways, and low-cost models can automatically follow the vehicles ahead. The company said it plans to launch more than 20 auto driving models around the world before fiscal 2023, making it the first large car company to carry a primary automatic driving system on all new cars, with an annual sales target of 1 million 500 thousand vehicles. < p > < p > since 2016, Nissan has introduced the driving assistance function “propilot” for some models, which can automatically follow the vehicle ahead on the expressway. In the autumn of 2019, the new “skyline” model is equipped with a “propilot 2.0” with limited highway and automatic driving away from the steering wheel. < p > < p > in the future, Nissan will provide “propilot 2.0” as standard on high price models such as “ariya”, which will be launched next year, and “propilot” will be equipped for other models as standard. < / P > < p > automatic driving technology is divided into five levels, and Nissan’s propilot technology is between level 1 and level 2 where people are the main driver. Waymo and Uber, part of Google’s parent company alphabet, are developing autonomous driving technology above level 3, but safety has not yet been established in the industry. Nissan believes that although ProPILOT is a primary automatic driving system, it can collect data and reduce parts cost through popularization, so it decides to make it a standard. Skip to content